Bouncing on His Face


I smother Jason Ninja over and over again with My beautiful Black booty.


Bouncing on His Face

Sitting on a slave’s face is a lot of fun for Me, but its even better when I can bounce and grind My ass into someone’s face. In this 9 minute clip, I test Jason Ninja’s endurance by plopping My beautiful Black booty on his face over and over again, bouncing and grinding away. I smother him until he’s gasping for air while I giggle devilishly. I throw in a few head scissors to help wear him down even faster…crushing his head with My thighs, only to turn around and grind My pussy & ass in his face until he can’t breathe!

Clip features: facesitting, ass smothering, head scissors, interracial domination, ebony ass fetish, Jason Ninja, Miss Kayla

Miss Kayla