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Picture of a webcam to show Miss Kayla Black offers many types of webcam sessions
I offer several different types of webcam sessions.

I love to cam and I offer some different types of cam sessions for My fans. But before I go into the types of cam sessions that are available and how you can book one, I want to be clear that, at this time, the ONLY way to cam with Me is through Niteflirt. You will need to sign up for an account with them if you want to schedule a cam session with Me. This is non-negotiable. I am always looking for other platforms to cam through so My fans have options, and whenever I find one that suits My needs, I’ll blog about it. Until then, Niteflirt it is.

Okay..onto the fun stuff. I offer three types of basic cam sessions:

1.) Ignore Cam Sessions

Maybe you have an ignore fetish, getting turned on by staring at a woman who isn’t giving you the time of day. Perhaps you just want to stare at a particular body part of Mine & enjoy yourself while I go about My business in the meantime. If either scenario appeals to you, then ignore cam is perfect for you. Just like my Ignore phone line, I will not engage with you, hence why its called IGNORE cam. 

2.) Show Off Cam Sessions

Want to show Me your tiny dick so I can laugh at it? Maybe you want to show Me how pretty your sissy panties are? Perhaps you just want to jerk off to the sound of My voice while I watch you, like an omnipresent sky Goddess? Show off cam session make all of this possible. I will watch you on your cam, and I will engage with you but My cam will not be on. Show off cam sessions are the only type of cam session I will take without prior booking. I can make Myself available to watch your cam at almost any given time.

3.) Standard Cam-2-Cam

Perhaps you want to see My beautiful face but can’t turn your cam on? Or maybe you’re looking for a cam2cam experience? Then standard camming is what you’re looking for. I require 24 hours advanced notice as well as a $50 deposit to schedule standard cam2cam sessions. (I do have a life and I am rarely able to entertain spur of the moment requests for cam-2-cam.) 

Rates For Cam Sessions

My rates for Ignore cam and Show Off cam is $5/min. Ignore & show off cam is available anytime I am online.
My rates for cam-2-cam start at $10/min. Extra surcharges for special outfit/prop/etc requests. You must book 24 hrs in advance with $50 deposit paid through Niteflirt.

In order to do ANY type of cam session with Me, you will need to first purchase My Skype username on Niteflirt. Add Me to your Skype then send Me a message. If you are booking a cam2cam session, let Me know date & time. Once I agree, you will need to make your deposit via Niteflirt. Your session is NOT booked until I receive your deposit. Sometimes people will buy My Skype name and not send Me a message for months, then try to pop up on Skype as if they are an old friend and can bypass paying Me through Niteflirt! Or they call Me randomly & unannounced through Skype as if I would EVER answer that sort of thing. Don’t be that person, you’ll just end up blocked! Unless I tell you otherwise, you will always need to pay for camming through Niteflirt. And randomly calling Me on Skype without consent is never acceptable & will always get you blocked.

Now…there are times where I am available for cam2cam on a whim because MY schedule allows it. During those times I typically will send out messages to My fans letting them know I am online & taking cam2cam sessions. Following Me on social media or being on any of My mailing lists is the best way to get these messages. Obviously you would not need to book in advance or make a deposit, but you would still need to utilize Niteflirt to pay for your cam session. 

And if camming isn’t for you, remember, I also offer phone sessions!

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