Devouring My Food….You.

Black Goddess Miss Kayla indulges your food and vore fetish in this eating clip!

Devouring you, My tasty meal of male flesh covered in cheese & ketchup. Let’s not forget about your friends and family…or I mean, My fries.

Devouring My Food….You.

You’re one of those weirdos who gets hard watching beautiful women like Myself eat. You like to imagine yourself as a piece of meat on a hamburger bun, covered in delicious condiments….about to be devoured by Me. You’re a satisfying meal of male flesh covered in cheese and ketchup….and the fries? Well, the fries are just all of your friends and everyone you know and love. I masticate you and your friends to mush, swallowing you down into My stomach where you are digested & absorbed into My body. Try not to cum as you watch My blood red lips part and My sharp teeth tear into your flesh and I dine on your tasty friends and family…..

Clip features: eating, chewing, food fetish, vore, voyeur, ebony, black, Miss Kayla


Miss Kayla

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