So, you want to send Me a “clip idea”, huh?

This should go without saying but….



DO NOT TELL ME HOW MUCH MONEY A CLIP WILL MAKE BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Just because your ideas make YOUR dick hard, doesn’t mean its the same for every other person out there. If you have an awesome idea for a clip, and you want ME to shoot it…then that’s called a CUSTOM CLIP and I charge for those.

I do not need or want your unsolicited clip ideas. When I want your input, I will publicly announce that I am seeking it. Until then….stop with the emails. Because when you send Me clip ideas with no official order for a custom, that just lets Me know that you’re broke and/or you’re a disrespectful clod who doesn’t seem to care that making clips is a BUSINESS for Me, not something that I do simply to help you boys get your rocks off.

Having fetishes and indulging in those fetishes is a LUXURY, not a right. Luxuries cost MONEY. If you don’t have money, you don’t get to enjoy luxuries. Pretty simple concept, no? This is why some of you are out there stealing women’s socks from laundromats or rifling around through your momma’s panty drawer when she’s not home..because you cannot afford to go see a Professional Dominatrix to get your kinky needs taken care of in a more ethical, non creepy way.

My time COSTS. Whether you want to see Me in person, talk to Me on the phone, webcam with Me, watch My clips, order a special custom clip from Me, or get a pair of My worn panties…..IT ALL COSTS.

And if you cannot afford to pay the cost, don’t bother Me. Leave Me alone. Worship from afar, in the shadows. Jerk your cock to the free stuff I have around the Internet, specifically for broke/cheap bastards. BUT do not expect to get a single second of My time if you have not paid for it.

Its sad that I even have to write all of this, but some of you boys really act as though you haven’t the slightest iota of sense..then you wonder why us Ladies get upset with you. I KNOW you boys are smarter than that, so get it together, chumps.