Go broke for Me and My perfect Ebony soles!

“What can I do to make Miss Kayla Black happy? What can I do to make Her life easier?”


Two questions that you should ask yourself every moment, of every day. Why? Simply put…because My happiness is your focus.

The answer to those two very important questions is right under your nose.

Go broke for Me. That’s how you make Me happy. That’s what you do to make My life easier.

Go broke for Me is the answer to everything.

Want to please Me? Go broke for Me.

Want to properly introduce yourself to Me? Go broke for Me first.

Want to show Me that you are an exemplary slave worthy of My attention? Go broke for Me.

Adoring fan looking for a good way to show your appreciation for Me? Go broke for Me!


Show your love, gratitude, and interest through making tangible offerings to enhance My life and lifestyle.