Film Slaves

Today I’m going to address film slaves. I receive a lot of correspondence from fans who want to be a film slave and work with Me on clips. In fact, I get enough emails about it that I’m now compelled to write a blog post addressing the topic for all the world to see.

First of all, being a film slave is not like a real time session with a professional dominatrix. Many of you seem to have that impression and it is far from the truth. Filming clips is WORK. When you sign up for being a film slave, I only take your limitations into consideration. Aside from that, I will film with you whatever I feel like. Film slaves are like blank canvases to Me, willingly turning themselves over for Me to create whatever I want with them.

A white man in a hood kneeling at the feet of a muscular Black woman

Being a film slave is fun, but it is still a position one must earn & work hard at.

The creation of clips is the objective, not your personal desires. And if I am using you to film a custom clip for someone, the the objective becomes what THAT person wants, again your personal desires are not a factor.

Now if it so happens that what I decide to film with you IS one of your personal kinks, then that is, what one may call, a happy accident. However, understand that is not always the case and it should never be an expectation.

Another thing….film slaves pay for the opportunity to be film slaves.

Yes, read that again.

Film slaves pay for the opportunity to be film slaves.

A good film slave is going to have experience. At the bare minimum, they will have experience with BDSM/kink on some level from personal experience. Ideally, they will have been a film slave before & come complete with both verifiable and positive references.

This doesn’t mean that I turn away inexperienced film slaves. In fact, I’ve shot some hot content with subs who had their very first taste of submission in front of My camera. (Here’s a great example!) However, these particular situations are rare and evaluated on a case by case basis.

For legal purposes, ALL film slaves must also present a valid Driver’s license/ state ID and sign a model release prior to filming. I retain copies of each for My records. This is completely non-negotiable.

Yes, there’s more to being a film slave than you had probably thought.

I typically choose film slaves from My own stable of personal slaves & pets. Although there are rare times where I may be actively seek out new blood to work with, I like to work with slaves that I am already familiar with to get the best energy possible on camera. Perhaps we’ve interacted previously, meaning I know who they are, I know their triggers & weaknesses, I know their mind. All of this is going to translate into a much hotter scene for filming!

Anyway, this post doesn’t address every thing involved with negotiating a film slave arrangement with Me (the game is to be sold, not to be told), but I have hit on the major things that seem to be overlooked…..

#1: film slaves pay
#2: film slaves must show ID & sign legal paperwork
#3: filming is nothing like a pro Domme session, your interests matter not

Keep these three things in mind before you hit “send” on that “Can I be your film slave, Miss Kayla?” email.

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