Texting Sessions

A clipart image of cellphones used to illustrate a text session.
Text sessions are perfect for when calling or camming is not possible.

Phone and cam sessions may be My favorite ways to communicate with My fans & loyal pets, but for those who require more discretion, they may not be the best option. Phone calls can be overheard, cam sessions can be disturbed. Especially during this time of coronavirus and having to quarantine, you may have found yourself with less “alone time” than you are used to. Enter text sessions!

Text sessions allow you to keep in contact with Me when you are unable to call or cam with Me. Its perfect for those of you who need to check in with Me regarding assignments/tasks during your slave training. Not to mention I just love having yet another way to play with your mind. Let’s keep your Miss Kayla Black addiction going strong, shall we?

I am available for text sessions and chatting on a few different platforms, and I DO have a clear cut favorite out of the ones that I use.

My Favorite Platform for Text Sessions

My favorite platform for texting is SextPanther. Why? Their texting system sends your text directly to My phone, allowing for real time, “in the moment” communication. There is no need to log in to a site to respond to your message, I can pick up My phone and respond immediately. This allows for a more natural conversational feel when texting. It is also easier for Me to send photos and videos to you as well. Their system is so direct and easy to use, and that makes it My favorite texting platform.

My Least Favorite Platform For Text Sessions

My least favorite platform for texting/chat is Niteflirt. I love Niteflirt, but the chat notification system is buggy and RARELY sends notifications. This means you could initiate a chat with Me through Niteflirt and I may not get notified about your message until hours later, IF AT ALL. Once I do receive a notification about a message being sent, I have to log in to Niteflirt’s site to read/respond your message. That’s not very time efficient for Me. Have you ever messaged Me on this platform and never received a response from Me? I more than likely was never notified of having a message to begin with. If you are hoping for a back and forth exchange with Me in real time, Niteflirt’s chat function is not the best way to go about it.

A New Platform for Text Sessions

As of this writing, I am also available on Premium Chat. I have yet to use this platform (I just made My account today) so I have no opinion on it as of now. Nevertheless, it is available to My fans and pets as yet another option for communicating with Me. Once I become more familiar with this platform, I’ll decide whether or not I like it and if I will remain on it. 

To recap, SextPanther is the best way to text with Me, in REAL TIME. Niteflirt is ok…..if you do not necessarily need a response within 24 hours.

Now all that’s left is for you to pick your favorite method of communication with Me (phone, cam, or text/chat) and go broke for Me. 😈