Phone Sessions

Black Goddess squatting next to her phone numbers

Phone sessions are one of the best ways to establish contact with Me (Camming is the absolute best but that’s another blog post). It allows you to hear My voice and know that I’m real, while still providing the privacy that so many of you desire. Calls are a great way to truly experience My presence in a way that you simply can’t do through clips or texting. Fall in love with My voice while I instruct you on how I want you to go broke for Me. Be aroused by my laughter while I belittle you. Or simply experience Miss Kayla Black the conversationalist and talk to Me about whatever you want.

Since I enjoy phone sessions so much, I am available for calls on a few different platforms, in addition to having My own private direct phone line. Pricing and My availability do vary on each platform. 

My Direct 888 Phone Line Is The Best For Phone Sessions

1.888.585.5571 is My private direct phone line. Calling this line goes directly to My personal phone. There is no site to sign up for or anything of that sort. All you need is your credit card (all major cc’s accepted) and follow the prompts given, and you’ll be able to talk to Me. This is a line I keep on all the time, but I am not always available. Think of it as if you were calling My cell. If I’m busy, I won’t pick up. Just call Me back some other time. Calling My direct line is the absolute best way to contact Me if you are looking to introduce yourself to Me in hopes of serving. Since there is no terms of service (TOS) that I am bound by, I prefer this phone line for discussing more taboo topics, in addition to good ol’ regular conversation.

My Niteflirt Phone Lines

After My direct line, the next best way to contact Me by phone is through Niteflirt. I have several listings on Niteflirt (all with different extensions), but for the sake of this posting, I’ll say My main number on Niteflirt is 1-800-863-5478 ext: 01821695. Niteflirt is the best way to contact Me if you like playing financial domination games, such as Raise The Rate etc. (Niteflirt is also the best way to cam with Me as well, but again camming, that’s another post). Niteflirt is also home to My Ignore line, where you can call Me and simply listen in on whatever I’m doing. I’m not going to talk to you on this line. Its called an Ignore line for a reason!

My availability on Niteflirt varies greatly, but it is the second best way to reach Me by phone. The drawback is that in order to use Niteflirt to call Me, you must set up an account with them. Our conversations must also follow their TOS and some things are off limits for conversation. I will block you if you try to engage Me in conversation that is against TOS on Niteflirt (or any other platform). 

Other Ways To Have A Phone Session With Me

Another good way to call Me, especially for those who enjoy paying more per minute, is through Verified Call, where I am always available for those who like being drained. 😉

IWantPhone and SextPanther are two other platforms where I accept calls. (SextPanther has the best texting option as well, so if you’re looking to TEXT with Me, do it through SextPanther). But again, these platforms have TOS that must be followed and certain topics are off limits for discussion. You must also set up accounts with these platforms in order to use them to contact Me.

My direct 888 line will always remain the best way to have phone sessions with Me, especially in the event that any of the other platforms I’m on were to disappear one day, My direct line will be here to feed your Miss Kayla Black addiction.  😈

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