This is very simple. You send a tribute in hopes of being noticed by Me, but it guarantees nothing. And if you EXPECT something in return for whatever tribute you plan on sending, you’re doing it all wrong.


You are approaching a Goddess, hoping to request some of My (priceless and finite) time and attention…therefore you had better not approach Me empty handed. Earn My attention. Show Me that you will benefit My existence, not be a drain on it.


You may also send tribute simply to do something to make My life easier and more carefree, since you know I deserve it and you want to make Me happy!


The easiest way to send Me a tribute is to purchase something off of My Amazon wishlist, send Me an Amazon gift card, or send Me a cash tribute through one of My clips stores.


If you are unable to tribute Me via any of those methods, you are always welcome to send Me physical gift cards and/or well concealed cash in the mail. I love getting surprise gift cards & money in the mail!


I also enjoy receiving gift cards to:

Southwest Airlines

Home Depot





Alamo Drafthouse

Central Market or Whole Foods

Exxon/Mobil gas cards