You are so weak against Me

I love intimidating weak little boys with My gorgeous Ebony muscles. Women with bodies like Mine are a TRUE rarity, so I understand being speechless and in awe when you catch a glimpse of My biceps or My quads. You know that you are in the presence of a Superior Being and you have no idea how to react. My body is powerful and stunning, a biological work of art carefully and diligently built through many hours in the gym. I could *literally* crush your head between My thighs if I wanted to. I could squeeze your ribcage so tightly with My legs, you won’t even have time to realize that you’re taking your last breath.


I bet that made your dick twitch, didn’t it?

The rush you get thinking of putting your entire life into My hands, wondering exactly how far I will push you, how badly I will break you. The same rush that you get every time you spend on Me and meet My demands. How far will I push you…how badly will I drain your wallet and every single account you have? How many more tributes will I demand this month…this week…today?

It keeps you wondering, it keeps you on edge. But, you like walking on the edge for Me. Whether its by being a victim of My sadistic whims and crushing physical strength or by being My financial puppet, obediently laying tribute at My glorious Black feet… live on the edge for Me because that’s where I want you. On the edge of being obsessed with Me, on the edge of insanity as you are so consumed with devotion for Me.

Suffer for Me. Spend for Me. Revere Me. Fear Me. Give your life the purpose it has been lacking all this time. The opportunity to serve at the feet of a beautiful muscular Nubian Queen does not come along every day. Your opportunity is here. Will you seize it or squander it?

┬áComplete My slave application & begin your new life with Me….

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