Cock fucking with urethral sounds


Having some fun with sounds and latex. Click the photo to purchase this video clip on my clips4sale store.


Last night, Princess and I got dressed up in our rubber and did some playing around in front of the camera. We ended up making a short clip of of me fucking his cock with my urethral sounds. As you can see from the image, Princess had a pretty good time.

I love playing with sounds. Most men are absolutely terrified at the thought of sticking something into their cock. Perhaps scarred for life by having dry cotton swabs stuck into their dick during routine STD testing maybe? Who knows? However, there are some out there who know that sticking something into their cock isn’t the end of the world….and in fact, it feels quite good. Princess is an absolute sucker for sounds. Any time I’m fucking his cock like this, he gets rock hard and stays hard the entire time. I enjoy sounding a flaccid cock or a rock hard one, but I am not going to lie…its more fun to work with a rock hard cock during times like these.

What do I like about using sounds? For me, this activity is very cathartic and, dare I say, relaxing. It also appeals to many of my own personal fetishes. Its invasive. It involves stainless steel. Its medical in nature. An invasive activity where I get to stick a stainless steel rod into your dick and pump it like an engine piston. How could I not love that?

In a medical context, urethral dilation (sounding) is done to widen the urethra to assist with flow of urine. But for kinky folk like me (and Princess), the end goal is to drive him absolutely crazy with the sensation of a cool, slick piece of metal sliding back and forth, in and out of his dick.

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