A Night of Edging

My boy, Princess, has made a blog post about a recent evening he spent with Me. Princess was edged repeatedly for the course of the evening, with his orgasm continually denied by Me. I gave Princess a pretty epic set of blue balls before I left town for FetishCon. I love making boys ache for Me!


Duct tape mummification + worn panty gag + more tape +hours of edging = a very horny and denied me.

A couple of nights ago I was nearly edged to death. misskaylatx had some last minute packing to do before departing for FetishCon, but she also wanted to see me, so instead of me being in her way she chose to mummify and throw me onto the bed. What followed was a night of blissful hell.


A nice, tight duct tape mummification with easy access cock flap 😉

Even using the words “duct tape” can get me hard under the right circumstances and once she told me I was to be wrapped in it I was throbbing in the chastity cage and I’m still haven’t stopped throbbing (I mean I have but erections are frequent and problematic). Miss Kayla quickly had me wrapped and was preparing to put on my latex hood so that my mouth could still be of use but she came up with something better and even more devious. She gagged me with her worn panties, panties she had worn while riding in the Texas heat, and then taped them in my mouth. At this point I was nearly destroying the chastity device but she kept me locked while she went about packing and other activities.


Dirty panty gag, topped off with pantyhose, then wrapped with electrical tape.

When Miss Kayla wanted her cock she took it. She cut into the duct tape, pulled her chastised cock from the flap and unlocked me. This is where the fun started for her and the torment started for me. I had foolishly thought that since she was leaving town for quite awhile that I would be permitted and orgasm – I was dead wrong.

I was brought to the edge so many times that I lost count and I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return. Miss Kayla seized the opportunity to introduce CBT and in between periods of intense pleasure I was writhing around in rather intense pain from what I’d describe as a nails only handjob (so intense that she drew blood). I squirmed, moaned, grunted and fought the duct tape until I was a sweaty sub-spaced mess. She continued to edge and torment me and even took a phone call with a slave of hers while she was turning me into putty. At some point she added a pair of freshly scented panties over my face and positioned the crotch right over my nose. Every bit of air I sucked in smelled of her pussy. I needed to cum and I begged to cum but I was denied every single time.

It only got worse when Miss Kayla decided to use her cock for her pleasure. She took full advantage of my gimp state and used her toy for all it was worth. She ignored my pleas for my own orgasm and brought herself to one and then promptly flipped me over and cut a hole out for my asshole. I was about to get fucked and I had no way of resisting it. I warned her that I wasn’t clean and she didn’t care. She wanted in. She stuck her cock in but since it had been so long since I had any anal stimulation I was incredibly tight. It hurt quite a bit. She withdrew but didn’t stop the rest of the activities. I was flipped back over and she put her cock back into action.

I was used until I was absolutely spent and Miss Kayla was fully satisfied. She cut me out and all hope of my orgasm was lost. I know better than to beg once it becomes clear that it isn’t going to happen so we spent the rest of our time together laughing, talking and checking out tumblr doing aftercare.
As I’m typing this I’m rock hard which is a damn good indicator of how fun that evening was and it’s also a sign that I need to buy more duct tape. Miss Kayla can be wickedly evil but damn does it turn me on.


Princess’ original blog post can be found here.

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