Dear white boy,

What have you done for Me, your Goddess, lately? How have you shown your appreciation for Me and all that I do for you… I keep your disgustingly pink cock under control, how I so rightfully take back MY money from you, how I bless you with photos, clips, cam & phone sessions?

How have you shown your gratitude for all of that?

Have you shown your gratitude for My existence? The fact that I am a Dominant, kinky, Black Female Goddess? Have you shown your gratitude to Me for giving you a space to be your true self, where you can wallow in your own sexual filth for My amusement? You do realize that I know your secrets and I know who you really are, in a way that nobody else does. I know how your dick throbs at the thought of sniffing My worn panties and how you salivate at the thought of BBC in your mouth. I know all of your dirty perversions.

Does this not make Me an incredibly special person in your life? It most certainly does. I hold a position in your life that no one else can hold. I control you. I own you. I can mold you to My liking or tear you to shreds if I choose to do so. I have infinite power over you.

Realize this. Understand this.

This situation places you in great debt to Me. As the keeper of your dirty secrets, you should want to keep Me appeased anyhow. You should be showing your gratitude to Me every moment of every day. There should be no slacking. I should not have to reprimand you. This is an absolute truth that you are to acknowledge and follow always.

You owe Me thanks for everything. For being Miss Kayla, Supreme Ebony Tyrant who rules over your entire miserable life and gives you the guidance you so desperately need. For being a Black Woman….from whom all else are descended, including you. You owe Me thanks for everything.

Don’t ever forget this fact. And don’t ever forget your place….kissing My ass and licking the bottoms of My shoes. With your tiny little dicks, this is all you’re good for anyway…

….and always giving thanks and showing your appreciation for Me by tributing Me properly, like a good white bitch is supposed to do.




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