Destroying Your New Years Resolution

Miss Kayla Black will make you break your New Year's resolution!

#Sorrynotsorry I made you break your New Year’s Resolution…AGAIN.


I know your resolution for the New Year was to stop jerking off so much and to leave all this “kinky stuff” behind. I know you crave a more “normal” life and you want to leave this side of you in the past. You want to be a “good guy” and have a simple life where you don’t repeatedly fall victim to Me. You thought you were safe from Me this time, especially since I hadn’t released a new clip in a while. I’m sure you thought that you would ACTUALLY have a shot at making good on that ‘no stroking & no clip buying’ goal of yours. And now here I am….with a new clip, aimed directly at YOU, My little jerk-off junkie. Looks like that New Years resolution of yours was a waste of time….for yet another year in a row. 😉





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