Ebony Tag Team Tickle Torture


Tag teaming a helpless tickling victim with Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne.

Ebony Tag Team Tickle Torture

Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne has decided to celebrate her friendship with Me by offering up her longtime playmate, Alex. He is a trained fighter and has been in many of Max’s scissoring videos. She tells Me that there are 2 things Alex doesn’t like & tickling is one of them. Well that’s too bad for Alex because I love to tickle & Max has decided a tag team tickle session is in store. We start with his feet, which Alex tries desperately to keep from us, but we overpower him. We eventually attack his sides and he squirms endlessly! I have to sit on him to get him to stop squirming! When Max and I have had our fill, we tell Alex he can go home….but only if he can manage to escape while still hogtied. You’ll never guess what happens next…..

Clip features: tickling, tickling male, ebony, interracial domination, female domination, double domme, Goddess Maxxyne Payne, Miss Kayla


Miss Kayla