Best Selling Sweaty Feet Clip

My foot clips are some of the most popular fetish clips that I offer. Foot boys just can’t get enough of My size 10 Ebony feet! And what you love the most is how SWEATY My lovely feet can get. 😉 Sure, I’ve shown off My sweaty soles before in clips, such as in Sweaty Feet Are All You Need and Sensual Sweaty Feet JOI, but this year I really put My sweaty soles on display and showed you all exactly what they are capable of in terms of sweat. In fall of 2019, I released Sopping Wet Soles on

Black woman with sweaty feet

Your sweaty foot Goddess has returned with a clip that will leave you dripping with excitement! Eleven minutes of endless teasing with my beautiful wrinkled and SUPER SWEATY soles, front and center! They are the star of this show as they go from glistening to literally DRIPPING WITH SWEAT over the course of this video. Wonder what it would feel like to have soles this naturally WET sliding over your cock? Or maybe you’d love to let My warm foot sweat drip into your mouth, drop by drop? Come and indulge in this special treat. I guarantee you’ve never seen soles as beautifully sweaty as mine! 😉

Yes, you get to watch as My feet literally DRIP with sweat over the course of a few minutes. I shot this clip straight through, no edits, no cuts. My foot sweat goes from 0-60 right in front of your eyes. 

And My sweaty feet lovers couldn’t get enough of it!! In fact you all made Sopping Wet Soles My best selling clip of ALL of 2019!!

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