Full toilet training, an early birthday tribute, & My sub’s 1yr anniversary

I’m celebrating three very special things this week..

First and foremost, MY BIRTHDAY is July 10th. Actually this is something you should be celebrating too. What have you done to make Me happy? What have you done to make My life easier or better? Remember, that is your purpose. That is why you exist…to please Me in whatever way I desire and command. If you haven’t done that, know that you simply do not exist to Me and you never will. Lucky for you, this is an easy fix. Spend some time at gobrokefor.me and pick out a gift for Me to show your gratitude for the day I was born.

Anyway, last week I received a very special early birthday present from an anonymous admirer. I posted on Twitter recently about My desire for a particular tablet/laptop that I put on My wishlist at the end of June. I tweeted a few messages recently about how much I wanted that for My birthday. Shortly thereafter…the tablet disappeared from My wishlist. Less than two days later, the tablet was at My door.

I LOVE IT! (In fact, I’m typing on it right now)

My sexy new tablet/laptop computer. I love when you boys sacrifice so selflessly to make sure I get what I want

<—–Isn’t it a sexy little thing?

This boy gets a gold star for knowing how to please his Goddess and realizing that My every demand deserves to be met, even My demand for a laptop. If you worship Me, the Divine Black Female, then you should also be sacrificing appropriately and meeting My demands.

Are you?


This week also marks the one year anniversary of My owned boy, Princess, being in service to Me.

First off, I want to point out that Princess is in an age bracket many consider undesirable…18-23 years old. Yes, that age bracket can be a murky pool to wade into; however, Princess proved himself and his sincerity immediately. In My experience, I find that younger subs tend to be more malleable mentally (and physically, of course), but suffer from more insecurity regarding their submission than older subs. Luckily, Princess didn’t fit that bill. He has grown even more secure about his kink, which has allowed his submission to Me to deepen considerably over the past year.

The topic of deepening submission leads Me to the third thing I am celebrating this week…..using My boy as My full toilet for the first time. I’ve used him as a urinal before, making him drink My golden treat, but I had not used him for full consumption of My brown.

First, I tightly mummified him, in classic mummy fashion with his arms folded over his chest, double wrapping him with both cling film and duct tape. The wrap was very tight, completely immobilizing him.

Duct tape mummification prior to being used as a full toilet for the first time

Duct tape mummification prior to being used as a full toilet for the first time.

(Note: there are no photos of the toilet play in this blog)

Using him in this way was a BIG step for him. As I was about to start, he let Me know he was experiencing some fear (despite his cock being rock hard the whole time, of course). However, after a few moments of My soothing voice encouraging him to stop thinking and simply “be” My toilet and receive Me….I was squatting My beautiful Black ass over his awaiting mouth and feeding him My brown. He consumed all that I fed him, completely without issue.

I am very proud of him for taking this step and surrendering to Me in this incredibly taboo fashion. I know that many of you boys will never be able to submit to Me on that level and eat My shit..but I do know MANY of you think about it & fantasize about it. I know that many of you secret shit eaters WISH you could be underneath My Ebony asshole, with your mouth open, waiting to receive My hot brown gifts..waiting to fully consume your Goddess and take My essence inside of you.

Secret toilet slaves and shit eaters should be tending to ALL of My toilet needs. Toilet slavery doesn’t start and stop at the consuming of My piss and brown treats. Boys….you are sadly mistaken if you think so. You should be tending to all of My needs surrounding this activity! This is what I want and what I expect out of you. Are you making sure that I have the best toilet paper to wipe My sensuous, delicate asshole with? No? You should be. You should be making sure I’m wiping My ass with silk. Are you keeping Me stocked with the best healthy, organic foods & supplements from My wishlist so that I can continue to serve up the best possible brown treats? No? Again, you should be. You should be pampering Me to the point where My shit has a better nutritional profile than your favorite salad.

Get your dick out of your hand, stop being selfish, and put ME first….and you will soon realize there are numerous components of your servitude to Me. In My world, your service to Me does not start and stop at YOUR fetish, it involves several other key elements that tie into that fetish as well. (I think I’ll save the rest of My thoughts on that topic for a future blog post).

Since I’ve given you toilet boys a better idea of what My expectations are for toilet slaves, I expect to see you all doing better for ME.

Your Supreme Ebony Tyrant Has Spoken.

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