Hello, Houston Texas!

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Hello, Houston!


Relocation to Houston

As many of you may or may not know, I recently took a brief hiatus from the online world to focus on My relocation to Houston. I’m finally getting settled in and I must say……Houston > San Antonio by far! Soooo much more to see and do, incredible diversity, better flight options, no more dealing with Austin traffic driving to Austin for concerts….I could go on, but I won’t. LOL

I’m happy to finally live in a big city that feels like a big city & where everything doesn’t close at 9pm at night. On a Saturday. Living in San Antonio was like living in some po-dunk, one horse hick town (but the food was good).

Of course My relocation was funded 100% by My boys. The Bumpkin, in particular, has pretty much redefined what it means to go broke for Me. He is currently living a very frugal lifestyle, including grocery shopping at Dollar General & carpooling with his father to work 6 days a week (LOL)….just so that he can give Me almost all of his monthly earnings. He’s such a lucky white boy to be able to go broke for Me, full tilt!


Fun Stuff

This month was also the month of amazing concerts! A good whiteboi supplied Me with tickets to three awesome Houston shows that were all on My bucket list: Lauryn Hill, Disclosure, and Florence & the Machine. If I had to rank them in order of greatness it would be: Florence & the Machine, Disclosure, & Lauryn Hill. (If you follow Me on Twitter, you may have seen some of the videos I posted of each show.)

Now, Lauryn Hill’s show was ok. But just…ok. She only took a little over an hour to come out for her set (in other cities on this tour, she’s taken several hours to hit the stage) and while she did perform both her songs & a couple of Fugees songs, they were all arranged differently so nothing sounded like the original version. I’m happy to have finally gotten to see her perform, but I think I would’ve been happier with her performance if I had seen her eighteen years ago though….

Disclosure: best light show I’ve seen, secondary to the Nine Inch Nails Tension 2013 tour. Disclosure had a great opening act (a Black Female DJ by the name of Honey Dijon), played most of their two albums (wished they’d have played something from their Control EP, but oh well), and was incredibly high energy…especially when compared to the Lauryn Hill show. I’m VERY happy to have FINALLY seen Disclosure without having to subject Myself to attending ACL.

Florence & the Machine: holy shit. HOLY SHIT. HOOOOLY SHITTTTT. I’ve been a fan of FATM since this performance of The Dog Days Are Over (frickin’ amazing, right?!) and I’ve wanted to see her/them for quite awhile but I simply never got the chance for one reason or another. But I’ll say…it was worth the wait. Florence poured out SO much energy into the amphitheater….her energy ran circles around both the Lauryn Hill & Disclosure shows. The way she flailed around…ran around….jumped around….and didn’t miss a single note. It was the sort of performance where you simply could not take your eyes off of her for fear of missing something. FATM also gets bonus points for closing out the show by performing one of My favorite songs of theirs….that track gives Me goosebumps every. single. time.


Clip Piracy

Ok, so now let’s talk about clips…..I took a break from releasing new content because I noticed a dramatic increase in the pirating of My clips & I refuse to release new content simply to have it pirated/stolen. Since I made the announcement regarding the piracy, it appears as though it has slowed down quite a bit. Enough to where I have slowly begun releasing some new content again. But…should My clips keep getting pirated, expect price increases and longer gaps between new releases. I’m not a fan of having My work stolen. My clips take a lot of time and effort to create, and I don’t create content for My health so…stop stealing My stuff. Pay for it and keep it to yourself. You’re not the Robin Hood of fetish porn, so stop thinking you’re doing anyone any favors by pirating content!



Lastly….the most important update…My site has a new look! I’m still working out the kinks, so if you boys come across something (broken link, wonky formatting etc), let Me know so I can address the issue. Otherwise, enjoy!


Miss Kayla Black, a Houston Texas lifestyle Goddess, orders you to the ground to worship Her sexy heels.

Now, get down on your knees..where you belong!


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