March Update: Travels, Custom Clips, and New Content

Sarah Diavola & Miss Kayla with a slave who was unfortunate enough to incur our wrath.

Brat Princess Sarah Diavola & I with a slave who was unfortunate enough to incur our wrath.

Florida was an absolute blast and I’m very excited to release the clips that I filmed down there! Girl/girl tickling, rubber nurse play, strap-on, trampling, ballbusting…so much new stuff, including brand new POVs. The picture above is from a clip that I shot with the extremely sexy Brat Princess Sarah Diavola and our unlucky slave. We made one VERY brutal duo!

Now boys, you need to remember that if you want to order a custom from Me when I’m traveling, you need to do it BEFORE My anticipated travel dates. Unless you are requesting a POV with just Myself, a custom clip order takes a fair amount of time and planning. When I plan a trip, I typically blog My travel dates on My site (and in posts on Twitter), as well as who I am available to film with in that area. Pay attention to these things so that you can order your custom at the appropriate time so you do not miss out. A few of you had to miss out because of timing, when it doesn’t have to be that way.

I will be heading back to Florida in August for FetishCon. As the date gets closer, I will post more details, as well as how to go about ordering a custom from Me and who I will be available to shoot with.

I am still interested in visiting LA and NYC this year. I’ve gotten a couple inquiries about My travel plans to those cities….and all I can say is if you want to see Me in LA or NYC, tributing Me with a Southwest Airlines or Delta Airlines gift card is the absolute best way to go about showing it. Otherwise, you can just wait until My travels happen to take Me to either of those 2 cities. So, its best if you just do your part to make sure My trip happens! I don’t travel to a city because you email Me and say you would like to see Me. I travel to a city when you’ve SHOWN Me how serious you are about seeing Me and that means $$$$$. If you’re not willing to part with any money to see Me, then you’re not that interested in seeing Me, now are you?

I will also be spending more time on cam this month. If you’d like to see your Goddess on cam, make sure you purchase My Skype & Yahoo ID first. Then you may either message Me to arrange a time to cam or you can just call Me on Niteflirt when My cam lines are on. All cam sessions will be paid for through Niteflirt unless I say otherwise, so save your breath & don’t ask Me about Paypal etc. The answer will be NO.

Speaking of Niteflirt, I will be adding some hot new pay-to-view content on My Niteflirt page. New pics, new clips etc…all for sale, coming soon!

In fact…should you find yourself completely unable to wait until I upload all the new content to My Niteflirt page, I’ll allow you to purchase one of the new photo sets right now. 3 high def Ebony breast worship photos. Here’s your opportunity to have My beautiful, caramel brown size 36D breasts in your face…….


Now, put the kisses where they belong and thank Me for My generosity and superiority……..

Miss Kayla's gorgeous Ebony ass is awaiting your kisses


The Supreme Ebony Tyrant,

Miss Kayla

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