Mega Blog Update for June!

Long time no blog! If you follow Me on Twitter, you’ll know that I am still very much alive & well…but for those of you who only follow My blog, you may have been curious as to where your Goddess had gone.

I now have a Domcon LA badge to go with My Atlanta one from this past fall.

I now have a Domcon LA badge to go with My Atlanta one from this past fall.

First…My trip to DOMCON LA!

photo(38)In May, I took My first ever trip to Los Angeles to attend Domcon LA. What an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many other talented, classy, respected Dominant Women. The energy that pulsated throughout the entire hotel for those few days was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming, which created a very comfortable (and very kinky!) atmosphere. I had so much fun meeting with other Dommes and networking. Mistress Cyan has really created something very special with Domcon, and I look forward to attending the Los Angeles convention in the future, in addition to the Atlanta convention.


At the Meet and Greet with Domme Jaguar of Mexico and Mistrix Ms E.


Selfies with Princess Kali!


Cybill Troy and I at The Mistresses Tea

My absolute favorite part of the convention? The shopping, of course!! I made a few additions to My ever growing latex collection, with new pieces from Baby Loves Latex and The Latex Store. My toy collection also saw some expansion after picking up the Secretary Yoke and a set of the Hand Traps from Sex And Metal (with a metal fetish like Mine, there was no way I was going to leave LA without at least ONE piece from Sex And Metal). Someone was selling an awesome toilet chair at one of the booths, but unfortunately someone bought it before I could. (This means I still want a new toilet chair. Prime opportunity for you boys to do some shopping for Me!!)


I cannot wait to break these bad boys in!! What lucky loser is going to find himself wearing these?!

I also shot tons of new content, including new Ebony Femdom clips with Goddess Maxxyne Payne! Quite a few of you boys have emailed Me, requesting more clips with the two of us. And, like the generous Goddess that I am (at times), I have heard your prayers and answered them (only because most of you who requested clips also sent $$$ to make it happen). You’re welcome.


Wrapping up a night of filming with Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne. I love this woman!


It didn’t take long for him to tap. Nobody lasts long in My head scissors.

Next….My newest addition (Sarina) and My slave.

Recently I met a very lovely CD/TV named Sarina and I currently have her under consideration as potential personal property of Mine. Sarina has never really had the opportunity to explore her female side quite like she has in the brief time she has been with Me. It has been an absolute joy teaching her more about the art of being feminine and helping her true self grow.

Sarina also excels as a cuckold. She fit in perfectly with My stud and I during some of OUR play time recently. She had the very important duty of providing an extra set of hands and an extra mouth, on demand, for My pleasure. Having two hungry mouths worshiping My body at the same time is such a magnificent, luxurious feeling! And its even better when one of those mouths belongs to a hot little T-girl, dressed up in latex. And all of that is made EVEN BETTER when you’re the only one who gets to cum!

Its good to be a Goddess!

(Both Sarina and My stud were denied any type of orgasm. Do you really think I would give a shit about either of them cumming? HA!)

The morning after all of that, My slave showed up at My home bright and early, with breakfast for Me, My stud and Sarina. My little fucktoys and I lounged around, eating our breakfast, while My slave and My housebitch (Pig Whore) did chores.


The old white slave doing his chores and looking pretty in his maid’s outfit.

Exactly how a Femdom household should be run.

That day also marks an important day in My slave’s tenure with Me. It was the day he proclaimed his belief in Black Female Supremacy and served as My toilet paper for the first time.

Groveling at My feet on all fours, My slave announced that he had finally had come to understand his place in the natural order of things. He has finally come to understand his inferiority as a white male and My position as a Divine Black Goddess.

I decided I would test his dedication at that very moment by making him be My toilet paper, post brown shower. He had never provided this type of service to Me before, and it was never something he had expressed an interest in.

However, none of that even matters because when I was finished using the toilet & instructed My slave to lick My asshole sparkling clean, he did so without pause. This was the first time I had ever forced him to consume any of My BS waste before. And what better way to mark his “awakening” (as I will call it) to his natural inferiority by making him lick shit from My ass?

I am pleased with his progress and look forward to turning him into My full toilet.

Now you may thank Me for giving you a glimpse into My kinky daily life by paying tribute to Me. I have an Amazon wishlist you boys need to work on clearing….