My rubber fuckdoll


Last night I had the pleasure of having some extended playtime that involved a full transformation. I built Myself a sexy little fuckdoll, dressed from head to toe in latex. Latex blouse, skirt, and thigh hi stockings. Ballet boots to make her (already long) legs look even longer….and to restrict her movement, of course.

Isn’t she absolutely fuckable? Nice perky tits, those long, sexy legs, and she has a great ass.

My little fuckdoll, built specifically for My pleasure and use alone.

And I did get pleasure, and she did get some use…….

In chastity, with her tight little hole plugged…and wearing My strap-on. Breaking her in was a lot of fun for Me, especially once I put the strap-on on her. Mmm…yum. 🙂



As you can see from the photos, no real attention is paid towards whether or not she is receiving any sort of sexual pleasure. Her job is to GIVE pleasure, not receive. This is why it is imperative that she stays in chastity. It keeps her focused on the task at hand, whatever that task may be. In this particular instance, her job was to worship My pussy and give Me a good fucking with My big black cock, while her little clit stays locked up, away from the action.

It keeps her in a perpetual state of horniness, which is perfect for her. This means she is always ready and willing to please Me….or whoever else I may instruct her to satisfy.

That will be the next step for her. Getting her trained to service others under My direction. There’s no way I could keep something like this to Myself…..she definitely needs to be shared. 😉


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