My Stable Provides

My stable of good pets & peons made this past March one for the record books! Along with lovely cash tributes & some gifts, My boys worked together to see to it that I got something I had been wanting for a long time….

But first, I want to say a thank you to My friend Memphis for inviting Me out to the Spurs game last week! We had GREAT seats (14th row!) and the game (San Antonio Spurs vs OK Thunder) was a total shut out…with the Spurs winning, of course. That was the first time I had ever seen the Spurs play live and it was pretty awesome to finally see Tim Duncan hitting those three pointers that he’s known for.



Now on to some of the lovely tributes I received this month from My obedient subordinates…


All of the tributes I receive put a great big smile on My face and I am always pleased to see the level of sacrifice being made for My happiness. And one special tribute this month required a lot of sacrifice from My stable, yet they worked together and made this tribute happen. For the longest time, I have been a loyal Mitsubishi owner, although My heart has always been devoted to Acura. While I can appreciate European luxury cars, I have never had any interest in owning a European made car. And sorry not sorry..I’ve never been a fan of American made vehicles. Acura has just always been My dream car (well, that and a Tesla now). I am quite proud of My boys for digging deep into their wallets this past month to get Me the upgrade I so deserved…

Bye bye Mitsubishi....

I’ve owned nothing but Mitsubishis for the last 10-12 yrs!!


I'm so in love with My new Acura!

In love with My new baby! 🙂

Acura is fucking awesome for tweeting Me back!

Pretty nice of Acura to welcome Me to “the family”! 🙂


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