Needle Play: Final Installment of My CBT Series

The FINAL post in My CBT series is here! But first….a couple quick updates…

November was a great month for tributes from you boys! Two tributes in particular stand out…

A lovely new Marc Jacobs watch from slutty cocksucker Trixie…..


Marc Jacobs watch from a slutty cocksucker…


This watch appeases My metal fetish…;)


And a customized 27 inch iMac with retina display, gifted to Me from a very obedient Black Female Supremacy slave on Yahoo Instant Messenger…….

November tribute of a 27 inch Mac with retina display, gifted to Me by a Black Female Supremacy slave

My love for Apple grows stronger by the day….

I love it!!! This tribute definitely put a HUUUUGE smile on My face!


I am in love with this machine. Now that I have a Mac, I don’t see how I’ve been using PCs all this time. A PC simply does *not* compare to this at all. Apples & oranges, y’know?


My PC desktop looks so tiny compared to the Mac!

Also, another update about My direct phone line….I will be switching to another service and changing My number. I have removed the previous blog post with My old direct number and I will put up another post when I have gotten My NEW number. In the meantime, Niteflirt & all My other lines are always available to My boys who crave My intoxicating voice.

Now…let’s talk about some CBT!

In My previous CBT posts I wrote about ball crushing, ballbusting, urethral sounding & figging….and now I am bringing this blog series to a close with this particular post.

(And this post might make some of you a little uneasy.)

Hypodermic needle with drop of fluid at tip

This elegant piece of metal strikes fear into the hearts of many….

The needle……feared & hated by many, but loved by a few. I am one of those few.

I love needle play for some of the same reasons why I enjoy urethral sounding. I enjoy invasive types of play, meaning…I love to invade your body in any way I can, especially if there is some sort of medical angle to it. And to be honest, few things scream medical the way that a needle does.

Since the average person tends to have an inherent aversion to needles, having a boy who is able to surrender his cock to this type of play is quite a pleasure. Sticking a needle into a dick is incredibly sexy to Me and I generally get VERY aroused doing it. I have even had a couple of instances where I required oral service in the middle of a needle play scene, as I had gotten that turned on.

Needles are sexy! And sticking one (My preference is several) into the cock of a frightened, whimpering boy makes it even better.

Cock play piercing with one of My boy toys.

This was his 2nd time ever playing with needles…but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the 30 needles I’ve stuck into his dick.

Obviously needle play comes across as a very “sensation/pain oriented” activity but, to Me, there is also a level of control there that I find very satisfying. The control aspect comes in when I am preparing to pierce you. Little do you boys know that when I am prepping a play piercing scene, I am making a lot of decisions in regards to you and I revel in that type of control. How much pain do I want you to experience when I slide that needle through your skin? Do I want to increase the chances that you’ll bleed from the piercing? Do I want to increase the chances that you’ll have beautiful bruises on your dick afterwards?

When I am making all of those mental decisions, I am an artist, choosing what tools to use and what colors to put on My canvas.

And your cock is a perfect canvas for My perverse art!

CBT play piercing with My submissive pet.

I love play piercing, especially if I’m piercing your cock!


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