Piss Hole Play: My CBT Series Part 3

Urethral play (aka piss hole play/torture) is another method of CBT that I employ when training a submissive. While some of you boys may be able to handle having your nuts crushed, or having various clamps and clips put on your dick…. many of you turn pale at the idea of having something stuck into your peehole. Due to the inherent aversion many of you have, you will never get to experience the sensation of having a cool, slick stainless steel rod sliding into your cock. You’ll never get to experience the pleasure of having Me invade one of your most intimate, sensitive (and overlooked) orifices.

Miss Kayla and Her rubber gimp enjoying some CBT

Cocks look good with metal rods sticking out of them!

Sounding is generally a pleasurable activity and I wouldn’t truly classify it as “torture”. If I wanted to torture your peehole, then I’d have to be a little more creative. This is where urethral figging comes in, but I’m getting slightly ahead of Myself. Let’s discuss sounding a little bit first, shall we?

What do I like about using sounds? Its invasive. It involves stainless steel. Its medical in nature. An invasive activity where I get to stick a stainless steel rod into your dick. This appeals to both the metal fetishist and medical fetishist in Me.

Stretching your peehole out gradually through sounding is also a form of body modification, something else I greatly enjoy. I am modifying your body for My pleasure. Maybe I even have goals of locking you into a more invasive chastity device, like this one. A boy is going to need a pliable pisshole to accommodate a toy like that.

There is also the mindfuck that comes with any type of urethral play. The penis is typically seen as the “invader”. It tends to go inside of things/people, but for the most part…..things don’t tend to go inside of a penis. So the idea of “fucking” what generally does the “fucking” can break the brain of some boys. Especially those who aren’t familiar with the idea of something like sounding.

Sounding and rubber play. Two of Miss Kayla's favorite things!

Yes, that entire rod was in his dick. Pulling it out slowly is incredibly sexy to Me.

As I said earlier, sounding isn’t meant to be painful, so I don’t really think of it as torture. What would I consider torture? Urethral figging.

Sticking a piece of fresh ginger into your delicate little peepee and laughing at you as the searing pain of gingerol acts on all of those delicate tissues that line the inside of your urethra.

Ginger for urethral figging

I told him to select a large ginger root….

Ginger for urethral figging

…then carve out a plug shaped piece……








Ginger has an immediate burning effect and doesn’t ramp up slowly like playing with Ben Gay or IcyHot (on the cock, NOT internally). Those types of things build up the intensity over time and that intensity also dies down fairly quickly. Ginger’s effect takes hold immediately, with no gradual build up. The pain also doesn’t go away until the ginger is removed. Not many boys can tolerate the type of pain that peehole figging can cause.

Ginger for his piss hole!

..then he was instructed to insert it into his dick…..

His piss hole was on fire! ;)

…and let it stay there while he crushed his balls for Me.








What I want you boys to take away from all of this is that…. when you submit to Me, you truly submit ALL of yourself to Me.

Very few parts of your body are beyond the reach of My sadism.


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