Protip: How To Successfully Communicate With Me Online

As most of you boys should know by now, there are several different ways to get in touch with Me. I offer chat/text sessions, phone sessions, and webcam sessions, with real time sessions only being offered to those who have sessioned with Me regularly online or by phone.

Before you choose your preferred method of contacting Me, understand that I expect a certain level of etiquette when communicating with Me. Sadly, with the advent of more impersonal means of communication (text, email, etc), decorum has been on the decline…..and I am not a fan of that at all.

Chat & cam session always available on Skype

Skype is My favorite way to chat and cam with My boys.

Ask yourself…have you tried to initiate contact with Me via Skype, KIK etc…and failed to get a response from Me?

If you answered yes, there is a 99.9% chance your message to Me lacked a tribute, lacked manners or was simply too dull and uninteresting for Me to respond.

I am incredibly finicky and My standards are high. Any boy with an interest in serving Me needs to have a clear understanding of that. I expect excellence, even in your communications with Me. If you cannot be bothered to exhibit proper manners when initiating contact with Me, chances are pretty good that you simply will not “cut the mustard” for servitude under Me.

Skype, KIK, YIM, texting etc….all of which are discreet, easy ways to communicate with Me. I know that not all of you boys can call Me on My phone lines to speak with Me, so I have plenty of other ways for you to get in touch with Me and get your Miss Kayla fix.

YIM is another way to have chat & cam sessions with Me online

I also use Yahoo Instant Messenger, but I strongly prefer Skype.

Now, because I am not one to purposely set boys up for failure (why would I do that? I want you to succeed and be a good boy for Me!), I have taken the time to write up this blog post, giving you simple boys some pro tips on how to not to get yourself blocked when trying to message Me online…

First of all, TRIBUTE. This is the number one thing that you must do to get a response from Me. Does your initial tribute need to be huge in order to get My attention? Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt, but no…your initial tribute doesn’t need to be in the 4 or 5 digit range to get My attention. This doesn’t mean that I readily accept $5 or $10 tributes because I don’t. Your initial tribute should be comparable to buying Me a nice dinner and drinks at the BARE minimum.

(Now if buying Me dinner and drinks is simply out of your budget, then perhaps you should reconsider your desire to engage in the world of fetish and kink…because let’s be honest, being kinky and living out your kinky fantasies is not cheap. And if you can’t afford your fetish, that’s your problem, not Mine.)

After tributing, your focus should be on crafting a well written message to send Me. NOTHING BORES ME FASTER THAN MESSAGES THAT ONLY SAY “HEY” or “HI”. Think of how many of those “hi” messages I get on a daily basis. More than you will ever know! And I reply to maybe 5% of them.

Its perfectly acceptable to send Me a message that says “hi”, but it should say “hi Miss (or Goddess) Kayla”. It is imperative that you make it clear that you know who you are talking to. If your message to Me doesn’t include My name, I am not really inclined to respond. Its pretty simple. But “hi Miss Kayla” is still a pretty bland and uninteresting message for Me to respond to……

…so if you’re really looking to make a stellar impression on Me (it goes without saying that you should be striving to make a stellar impression on Me), a good initial message to send would be….”Hi Miss (or Goddess) Kayla. My name is xxxxx and I am interested in serving you/scheduling a session/buying something from you etc. I have already sent a tribute to to show that I am sincere/to show that I read your website etc.”

I would not ignore that message, provided your tribute is actually sitting in My email.

There are time where I will also accept messages from boys who have not sent their tribute before messaging Me, but you will need to be ready to tribute within the first few minutes of our conversation, otherwise I will simply stop responding to you and I’ll more than likely block you for trying to waste My time. Tread carefully here. How you approach Me sets the stage for how everything else turns out later. I cannot stress how important your initial approach is. A boy may have the best of intentions, but if your approach to Me is shitty, I will never give you the opportunity to show Me how good your intentions may be.

Never send Me pictures without My permission first! This is an automatic block if you do. Believe it or not, I have ZERO interest in seeing your ugly ass dick unless I’ve told you otherwise. If I want to see your face, I will tell you that I want a picture. Do not send Me any pictures without getting My approval beforehand.

Calling Me anything other than Miss Kayla or Goddess Kayla is also another way to get blocked. I have yet to respond to any message calling Me “baby” “honey” “sweetie” etc, and I don’t plan on EVER responding to messages that are so blatantly disrespectful.

Also, do not send messages to Me telling Me what you want. “I want to be teased and denied” “I want small penis humiliation” etc. That’s great that you want those things and maybe you will get those things, but I can tell you that you are not going to get them from Me. I don’t take orders. If you can’t be bothered to properly introduce yourself to Me and FIND OUT if I’m even into the same things you are, I can’t be arsed to ever, EVER give a shit about what you want. See how that works?

When it comes to Skype in particular, the fastest way to get blocked by Me is to randomly call Me without permission. There is absolutely NO reason why you should be calling Me at your leisure. That is NOT how this works and you boys know that. Even if My status is set to “online” that is not a welcome invitation to call Me on Skype. Calling randomly on Skype without permission is rude and intrusive and it is not a behavior I accept out of any boy, even those that I own.

Now what if you’ve made one of the above mistakes and you are currently blocked from messaging Me online? How can you rectify that situation and get back into My good graces?

Easy….apologize via tribute! Amazon gift cards, purchasing things off My wishlist etc are the only way one can get back into My good graces, as I simply don’t accept verbal apologies. Period. SHOW Me you are apologetic, don’t tell Me. And even once you have apologized, that doesn’t guarantee you a chat session or cam time. No, it just means that now I am willing to entertain the idea of a chat or cam session with you..and you will still need to tribute Me for that. I make it pretty clear that My time is never free and that fact has not and will not change.

Again, I am finicky and have high standards and I refuse to give the time of day to any boy who does not make an effort to communicate with Me properly.

My world, My rules!

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