Are you really a Black Female Supremacy slave?

Not every boy that I interact with is a Black Female Supremacy slave, but there are many of you who approach Me, claiming to be. However, a large portion of the “Black Female Supremacy” (BFS) slaves that I have come across have a completely inaccurate, skewed idea of what BFS slavery really is.

First of all, let’s clear the air and address what BFS is most certainly NOT:

-BFS is not your desire for big black cock (BBC)

-BFS is not bowing your head in the presence of/offering your seat to/opening doors for Black women ( you boys should be doing these things anyway. )

-BFS is not volunteering to be gang raped by a bunch of strap-on wielding Black dommes

Hopefully, you see where I am going with this.

Black Female Supremacy does not revolve around what you, the inferior whiteboi, wants. It does not revolve around what makes your tiny pink cock hard either.

Black Female Supremacy is recognizing that the Black Woman is truly a Divine Goddess (let Me remind you that humanity came out of Africa, not Germany) and treating Her accordingly. Exalting Her, cherishing Her. Truly revering Her. And not just the Black Woman you serve…..but ALL Black Women. Your purpose is to benefit all Black Women in whatever ways you are able….even when it doesn’t arouse you sexually.

Because its not about you.

What are some of the ways you can benefit Black Women? Well, dear whiteboi, this is where I, along with My reprogramming methods, come in.

Any Black Female Supremacy slave who wishes to serve Me should understand that I take BFS very seriously. My assignments and tasks in this area can be quite challenging and frustrating for the whiteboi who is not able to remove himself & his desires from the equation. I will make you do things that are not fun for you. They will not make your dick hard. You will do things with your time and your money that you probably did not expect, all in the name of Black Female Supremacy & under My direction. You will do real labor for Me, but again…probably not the kind you have fantasized about.

Ebony Latex Goddess Miss Kayla is a firm believer in Black Female Supremacy.

Subverting the paradigm, one whiteboi at a time.


I will strip you of your white privilege.

I will challenge what you think you know.

I will educate you.

I will reprogram you.

I will instill in you a level of respect and reverence for Black Women that you never knew possible.

Are you ready for all that, whiteboi? If so, you may send a polite introduction and tribute to hbic[at] You may also contact Me via any of My phone lines or instant messengers to tribute for a conversation about this topic. If contacting Me via Skype/KIK/YIM, be sure to introduce yourself as a potential BFS slave immediately.

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