Slave A’s Journey Into Enslavement

For the past few weeks, there has been one particular boy who has shown himself to be a strong potential candidate for personal slavery.

I have decided to refer to him as “slave a”.

slave a called Me on one of My phone lines and introduced himself to Me, approximately 3-4 weeks ago. After a few minutes of conversation, he confessed that he called Me because of the strong pull he had in his gut towards Me. A pull that was so strong, it shook him to his core and caused him to procrastinate in calling Me….because he was afraid.

He knew I was “The One” he was meant to serve and that scared him.

But, fear aside, he knew he had found what he had been missing all of his life. Imagine being a slave, searching for your owner….who you may never find. Imagine carrying that emptiness inside you because you aren’t complete without an owner. As a slave, your owner completes you. A slave without an owner is nothing. Slaves NEED to be owned!

And slave a was fortunate enough to find his owner. He was fortunate enough to find Me.  All of his yearning and emptiness has been replaced with the joy of being able to finally carry out My will. slave a is now able to live his life for Me, which is what he has been needing all this time. He needed purpose and direction, both of which he receives by being My slave.

slave a has been showing his gratitude for My existence by tributing, which all good slaves should be doing. (As a slave, you relinquish your rights, which also makes “your” money your owner’s money. Why would a slave think he would be allowed to retain dominion over “his” finances? If your owner controls your body, mind and soul, why would one think that the owner wouldn’t also control a slave’s wallet?)

Anyway, slave a has been making regular calls to Me, always paying for My time. (Again, all slaves should recognize that Goddess’ time is precious and I cannot spend it freely on slaves. I spend My time on those who recognize My time has value and they tribute accordingly. If you fail to do that, I will fail to even notice you exist.)

Slave A's belated birthday tribute to iPad Air

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

As a belated birthday gift for his Goddess, slave a tributed an Ipad Air…..

A tablet and an iPad for My birthday

A tablet and an iPad for My birthday…I love when My minions spoil Me with techy things.

……and a Southwest Airlines gift card. Both gifts worthy of My attention and praise.

I love Southwest Airlines gift cards!

More travel in My future makes Me VERY happy!

Last week, slave a had the opportunity to finally serve at My feet. I crushed and abused his cock and balls (both of which now belong to Me).

Crushing a set of puny white balls underneath My superior Ebony foot.

Another white slave’s “manhood”, crushed and destroyed under the sharp stiletto of Black Female Supremacy.

I was generous enough to break slave a in as My newest toilet, forcing him into the bathtub to consume My hot piss directly from the source. He guzzled every drop, honored to be allowed to drink My piss and consume a part of Me….even if its My waste. (Anything that comes from Me that I bestow upon a slave is a gift to be cherished.)

slave a is well on his way to earning a slave contract. I do not take on slaves easily, and contracts must be earned. I have several boys that serve Me, but I only have one contracted for life slave. slave A would be #2.

I look forward to making slave a earn his slavery contract from Me. In the meantime, he will have plenty of time to let his devotion to Me grow and to make his addiction to Me grow stronger.

I’m sure slave a will enjoy his journey down the rabbit hole……

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