Tributing Miss Kayla: A Primer

As more of you boys slowly come out of the woodwork and contact Me regarding servitude & ownership, I see that many of you seem to have no clue on how tributing fits into the equation of serving Me and being owned by Me.

In light of that, I have decided to write a basic guide on tributing (as it applies to ME). Since I have some basic expectations in this area, it will behoove you boys to read this entire blog and make sure you grasp all the information I’m about to give you BEFORE you contact Me.

What is it?

-A tribute is a gift given with no expectations of anything in return. It is to show appreciation and gratitude. A tribute is not given in hopes of getting something back nor can it be used to barter/trade.

-A tribute is never given by a boy in hopes of getting leverage to ask for something/beg for something.

-A tribute may be an actual gift, it does not need to always be cash (although cash is never a bad thing, and typically preferred).

-Tributing is not the same as financial domination. Tributing is something every boy, prospective or owned, should be doing at all times, regardless of what his personal kinks or interests are.

Who tributes?

Prospective boys: you tribute to show your seriousness about your desire to serve Me. This is how you show Me that you understand that your purpose is to benefit Me, not yourself. Some of you may tribute simply because you are a fan or admirer or worship Me from afar…but you’re not ready/interested in servitude.

Current/owned boys: You also tribute because you understand that your duty is to provide for your Goddess and benefit Me in any way possible. You also tribute to show appreciation & gratitude for My time and attention. If you are a current boy, this means I have allowed you a space in My world, and you will be forever grateful for that. I have a life to live, a business to run and other boys that I tend to and train, so I do not always have lots of free time to spare. Your tribute shows you understand that and you are grateful for Me finding time for you during My day to chat with you, send you pics, give you an assignment, cam with you etc.

Why do you tribute?

Niteflirt tributes from good boys always make Miss Kayla happy

This boy tributed because he loves My feet. That’s it. No other reason.

-There are several reasons (several previously mentioned & there are plenty more!) but primarily as a show of worship and appreciation. If you worship Me as a Goddess, some of you even bowing and praying to Me & My pics, why are you not tithing/tributing? Is that not a part of how you worship a Goddess? If you worship Me as a Goddess, why aren’t you sacrificing for Me & clearing My wishlists, making sure I have all that I want and desire? Is that not your purpose as an owned boy/slave? Your duty is to benefit Me, but not in some fantasy way. I want tangible, real life benefits that apply to My life. Your service to Me is real and your ability to enhance My life should be also.

-Other boys tribute as a way to show appreciation for the things I put out online, as many of you consume My free material and jerk off to it. Say thank you by tributing Me, buying an item off of My wishlist that I might wear in a clip or for a photo shoot, or an item that that enables Me to produce more/better clips. Say thank you for the free pics on Twitter by sending Me a gift card or token.

When do you tribute Me?

-If you have an interest in serving Me, then you tribute Me when you approach Me to introduce yourself to Me…be it on Skype, YIM, KIK etc. Serious prospective boys know they will need to show Me that they are ready, willing, and able to handle the task of providing for Me.

-Each current/owned boy has his own specific set of instructions on when/how to tribute Me.

How do you tribute Me?

Miss Kayla loves Amazon giftcards as tribute

Amazon giftcards…the quickest, easiest way to tribute Me and make Me smile.

-Amazon gift cards are always accepted

-Purchasing items off of My Amazon wishlist, or any other wishlist I may have or that I may direct you to

-Send tributes via Niteflirt, Clips4Sale, Sinful Call, Customs4U or any of the other multitude of sites that I am on that allow tributes.

-I’m not a fan of GreenDot and the like, but I will allow you to petition your case to Me if you need to use one of these methods to tribute Me. I understand some of you boys need to use something like this.

That pretty much wraps up this primer on how to tribute Me. Hopefully this guides some of you boys from the path to permanent banishment from My realm to the path to acceptance into My world.

Now is also a perfect time to say thank you for the time I took to write this informative, but lengthy blog post for you boys.

How do you say thank you, you ask?


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