Upcoming Florida travel dates, post birthday recap, & online paypigs

Last week marked the passing of another birthday for your Goddess! Did you help Me celebrate it by wishing Me a happy one or gifting Me? (I still have plenty on My wishlist and I accept belated birthday gifts all year round!) I like to use holidays, such as My birthday, as a litmus test to discover who really is committed to My pleasure by seeing who helps make My birthday a special day for Me. My current gaggle of bitches did an excellent job making sure that this year’s birthday was a good one!

Birthday cash from My slave.

Cash is ALWAYS the best gift!

In My previous blog post, I (posted pics of and) wrote about the anonymous laptop/tablet that I received from someone on Twitter (I still have no idea who sent it, but I am appreciative of whoever did). In addition to that gift, I also received cash from My slave Oldnuts…(always the BEST gift!!)

Drain plug gag from Princess

Princess modeling My new drain plug gag. His gift wrapping job was cute.

My boy, Princess, bought Me an awesome drain plug gag that I have wanted for a very long time, but had difficulty locating. (I can’t wait to use this gag on some of My toilet boys. Its perfect for objectification & piss play!)

Pig Whore is My resident technoslave and his job is to tend to all of My computers. I wanted an upgraded processor & motherboard, and he made sure I got it. (Sadly, its inside My desktop CPU already so there are no pictures). Now I have a super fast desktop and the brand new laptop to keep the computer techie in Me happy!

I can never have too many gift cards!

I can NEVER have too many gift cards!

I'm serious...I can't have too many of these!

Tot was LATE with his gift…but better late than never!

Other gifts include Amazon gift certificates from Tot (another personal boy of Mine who is not quite on the same tier as Princess & Pig Whore) and My tickle slut Ticklish Tom.

Lastly, My white pig on Twitter made a very special contribution to My birthday haul by purchasing My airline tickets to Florida next month. Because of his obedience and his sacrifice, I was paid back for the money that I spend on My tickets originally. I absolutely LOVE when you boys give Me My money back! You should be making sacrifices for Me, while I get to keep MY money in MY pocket..where it belongs. Good boys should always be ready and willing to step up and provide for their Goddess. Otherwise, what other purpose do you serve?

My white pig on Twiiter. What a good boy!

My white pig from Twitter. You Florida boys should be grateful to him for stepping up & doing what you didn’t!

Speaking of My trip to Florida…I will be there from July 30- August 12. I will be visiting both Orlando and Tampa (for Fetish Con). I am currently accepting bookings for sessions as well as femdom & fetish shoots. I will also be accepting custom clip orders, but DO NOT place them until July 30 or 31. I will be accepting solo and g/g clip requests. My sub girl, Violet Addams, will be accompanying Me (for those of you who want to order a clip with Me and a submissive girl). I will also be available for shooting customs with some other Ladies, so feel free to INQUIRE NOW about who I am working with…but do NOT actually place your order for a custom until the end of the month.

Florida flight itinerary for Miss Kayla

Flight itinerary for Florida, courtesy of My white Twitter pig. He didn’t TALK about paying for My flight…he simply DID it.

I’m looking forward to attending My first Fetish Con!

Before I wrap up this blog post, I also want to send a little message out to the boys who claim to be “paypigs” and “money slaves”. Don’t message Me on Skype telling Me that you are these things. SHOW ME that you are. If you are a paypig or money slave, then you already know what your job is and there is NO reason for you to approach Me without a tribute. If you’re broke, well then…you’re obviously not a paypig or money slave, now are you? But, if the first thing you say to Me is how much of a paypig you are…don’t expect Me to pay you any attention. Actions speak MUCH louder than words. And in this particular case….if you’re not showing Me that you’re serious…it doesn’t matter what you say because I simply do not hear you.

So save yourself the humiliation of being rejected & blocked by Me and approach Me properly. If you really think that I will give you the time of day when you come to Me with empty hands, a cobwebbed wallet, and nothing but lip service….you have a poor grasp on reality as a whole.

As the saying goes….don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT.

Until next time, My minions!

Your Supreme Ebony Tyrant Has Spoken.

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