Yes, you will submit to Me financially

As a slave, it is your job to keep your Goddess amused, pampered and HAPPY.

How do you expect to do this without money being involved?

I love compliments and emails proclaiming your undying devotion to Me, but what can I do with those? I can’t pay My bills with compliments. Lip service is nothing but a poor waste of your time.

No one serves Me for free. My time is never, ever free. I don’t care if you are a broke college student or a CEO, you will pay Me for My attention and My time. You will pay to be in My presence and breathe the very same air that I do.

Or you may very well pay with your hide.


This is an ex-slave of Mine who learned the hard way that I do not accept “no” for an answer. I believe in the laws of supply and demand….you supply when I demand. End of story. If you deny your Goddess happiness, if you refuse to meet My every want/need/desire, then what is your purpose as My slave? To forever pay Me in compliments? Horse shit.

Privileged white bitches, much like the one in the aforementioned photo, need to understand that nothing is yours. Not a single red cent in your pocket is yours. All of that money is blood money….made from the blood and on the backs of Black and Native American slaves. “Your” money belongs to My ancestors, and therefore, by proxy…to ME. You do not deny Me when I come to collect. You will pay what you owe! And if you do attempt to deny Me, I will collect it from your ass and you will be banned from My empire.

All slaves pull their weight under My rule. There are no exceptions. And it isn’t the amount that matters, its the selfless that matters. The desire to sacrifice and surrender it all to Me. Its about recognizing that “your money” is a product of ill-gotten white privilege and has never belonged to you to begin with. Its about your intrinsic need to serve an Elite and Superior Black Goddess who demands and takes from you whenever She pleases. Its about you fulfilling that need and making Me happy.

And a slave who cannot/does not strive make his Goddess happy is a slave that has no value. Why would I want to own something of no value?

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