Ballbusting: Part 2 of My CBT Series


Such a simple word. A simple, very descriptive word…..that strikes fear into the heart of almost every last one of you. Without fail.

Your nuts. So precious. So tender. So sensitive.

The very essence of your supposed masculinity is found within those two little squishy testicles…..that can’t even withstand one swift kick! Most of you would be lying on the floor in a heap, crying and coughing, if you were to ever find yourself on the receiving end of one of My kicks.

I learned at a very, very young age that a boy could be reduced to rubble with a good kick to his crotch. I had seen it happen before, so I knew it was true. I took great pleasure in using this as My “special weapon” against all boys. It didn’t take long before I was bullying boys, keeping them cowering in fear with only a mere threat of a kick to the balls! (My sadistic tyranny over males started at a very young age as you can see.)

My love of ballbusting has not waned over the years. There are few feelings as intense as kicking a male sub right in the balls, then standing over him laughing, as he whimpers on the floor, curled up in the fetal position.

Miss Kayla ballbusting Crudelis Amator

Barefoot ballbusting…one of My favorite ways to annihilate you. This clip will be available in My Clips4Sale store later this month.


Ballbusting requires a certain level of brutality in order for it to be most effective. Sometimes, I even need to take a running start so that I can really exert a great amount of force in My kick. Some balls just need to be tormented at that level. For an average set of nuts on an average boy, I don’t need a running start.

Sometimes, kicking isn’t enough for Me.  That’s when I like to switch it up and throw in some punches to the balls (another favorite ballbusting method of Mine!)  Turning your nuts into My personal punching bag is a great stress reliever for your Black Goddess. And between punching and kicking your balls, I also get a fantastic workout.

Yes, torturing you boys even has added benefits for Me!

And while I am a fan of ballbusting in shoes, My favorite method of delivering kicks is in My bare feet. I love the feeling of skin to skin contact at the moment of devastating, nut busting impact. I even enjoy the sound made when My foot perfectly connects with a boy’s balls. Its a certain cupping/slapping sound that only skin to skin contact makes.

I consider ballbusting an incredibly powerful tool to be used sparingly during the training of a boy. Why? I want to avoid desensitization. I don’t ever want a boy to become USED to the raw, visceral pain of ballbusting. A pain which reminds him of his mortality and vulnerability. I definitely do not want a boy to learn to LIKE it either. Ballbusting is not for your pleasure, it is a training tool. I am training you to suffer for Me. I am training you to endure for Me. With each kick, I am challenging you, your body, and your mind. I am challenging you physically by forcing you endure pain. I am challenging your mind and forcing you to deepen your submission to Me through the act of destroying your maleness. You stand in front of Me, KNOWING the kick is coming. You see My face, the sparkle in My eye and the smile on My lips as I raise My leg……and you simply stand there and take what I give to you.

Now think about all the things that would be going through your head as this unfolding.

Think about the fear & dread that would well up inside of you, deep in the pit of your stomach. Knowing that pain is about to rip through your groin and into your abdomen. That pain is going to humble you, drop you…possibly even make you cry. (And I’ll probably laugh)

Would you want to run? Would you need to be restrained to endure that?

This is the mental challenge. Only a boy with a high level of mental toughness will be able to ignore his body’s flight-or-flight systems going into overdrive. A strong boy will be able to force himself to stay there, in one spot, and take My kicks. Without restraint. Without running away.

I kick, you fall, and you pick yourself back up and present your nuts for more…until I am done.

Think you could handle it?




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