Culling The Herd

10052014This past week, I released My boy, Princess, from My ownership. Getting rid of a submissive isn’t easy, especially one that has served Me for awhile, but there are times where it is truly necessary. Princess had belonged to Me for over a year, and as a real time boy, he got to experience with Me what most of you never will.

Why did I release him?

Because My standards changed.

That’s it.

Now, what I want you boys to take away from this is that…you are NEVER safe. NEVER.

It does not matter how long you have belonged to Me, it does not matter how much money you have or how much you tithe to Me….you are simply never safe. I may release you from My service or ownership at any time.

I reserve the right to change My mind at any time. I reserve the right to raise My standards at any time. I reserve the right to expect more out of you. YOUR JOB is to constantly strive to keep pace. If I raise My standards, you strive to not just meet them, but surpass them. Any boy who belongs to Me should always be working hard to be better than his absolute best for Me.

I don’t tolerate half hearted submission. Why would I? Why should I?

Serving Me is not easy. I am demanding. I am controlling. I want what I want, when I want it. I am also very, very picky. I am a BLACK GODDESS and this is My birthright. This is simply who I am. And when a boy fails to meet My expectations, I am very quick to remove him.

I typically don’t cull My herd without reason, however. If My boys are doing well, meeting My expectations, then I am generally pleased. It is when you fail to meet My ever rising standards, that you are in danger. This is why My boys need to constantly better themselves and work to provide Me with exemplary service…whether you are a financial slave, sissy maid, or a toilet. You should always be ready and willing to go above and beyond for Me.

And when you don’t go above and beyond for Me, that’s when I will cleave you from the herd and leave you to die alone in the wilderness….no matter how long you’ve served Me or in what capacity.




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