Being My Cuckold

Ebony Goddess Miss Kayla loves to turn a slave into an obedient cuckold.

This graphic doesn’t quite represent the dynamic I prefer, but its close enough. Both males should be on their hands & knees to show the dynamic I desire.

I have been cuckolding males before I even knew there was a term to describe what I was doing. I never had any problems attracting a boy who was willing to pledge his fidelity to Me, while accepting the fact that I would not return the favor. he knew that he would work and toil for Me, while I did what I want with whomever I wanted, and he would eagerly await My return home at the end of the day.

I have never bought into the patriarchal belief that a Woman should be tethered to the side of one male for all of Her life. As a believer in Black Female Supremacy, I simply cannot see Myself abiding by such a belief when it doesn’t serve to benefit Me at all! It is for this reason that things such as cuckolding and polyandry just feel so right to Me! It is My natural born right as a Black Goddess to take on as many lovers/partners/significant others as I may desire, with the unnatural concept of “monogamy” being completely beneath Me.

I have always envisioned My empire with a bevy of male submissives (and yes, there would be a hierarchy amongst them), all available to Me for whatever My heart desires. Money? They’re earning it and forking it over to Me. Domestic duties? They handle them. My sexual pleasure? I have to the whole lot to choose from, at My leisure, for My perverted pleasures.

I am the Queen Bee and My hive full of worker bees are at My disposal for whatever I want, whenever I want.

At some point in time, I may desire to select one submissive to be My personal lackey, a rank above the others, but still subservient as ever to Me. It is safe to say that this “chosen one” will need to accept the fact that he will be My cuckolded “husband” and I will be the Dominant Black cuckoldress that he commits himself to.

his chastity and enslavement to Me will always remain intact, and he understand & accepts (as if he has a choice!!!) the fact that he will devote himself to both Me and whatever lovers I may take on at any point in time. My cuck also understands that My lovers are never dominant over Me. There will be no “dominant bulls or studs“. I only take on submissive lovers and have no interest in “Alpha males”. (If My cuck should ever express any emotions regarding this, he will be immediately dismissed, as My cuck will have no say whatsoever in who I take on as a lover. A cuckold with requirements for who I take on as a lover is a selfish cuckold and is NOT fit to serve Me.) Cuck duties would range from domestic to sexual, and whatever may fall in between. My cuck works to earn money to maintain My physical appearance, fund My outings with lovers, and spoil My lovers and I, in whatever way I desire him to. He may even be required to accompany My lover and I on dates or outings. Again…whatever I want.

My cuck will also be required to provide sexual servitude, at My behest, regardless of his sexual orientation or his own desires, as they do not matter. If I want him to suck My lover’s dick for Me, he will. If I want him to dress as a sissy and service My lover as a cocksucking sissy slut, he will. (And that’s only if I have a male lover, as I am bisexual and have female lovers as well.) My cuck’s desire to please and perform for Me will enable him to fulfill any sexual desire I may have, no matter how kinky. My cuck’s body is considered My toy, available and ready for Me & My lovers at any given moment. he is My personal slut.

When I do not have lovers, it is My cuck’s responsibility to make sure My sexual desires are fulfilled. Does this mean I would allow My cuck to fuck Me? No, because chances are…if I’ve selected you to be My cuck, your dick is far too inferior to ever please Me like that. But what My cuck will do is provide oral servitude at My command, and if he is lucky enough, he may be allowed to wear My strap on harness and pleasure Me in that fashion, being denied the pleasure of experiencing penetration. his body will be available to Me at all times, with his personal pleasure being irrelevant and his cock rendered useless. Depending on what I am craving, My cuck may have his holes used and abused in various way by Me. I may force him to submit to My sadistic urges and desires to degrade & humiliate him. Whatever My desire is, My cuckold will fulfill it.

That all sounds great doesn’t it? I can imagine you boys salivating at the thought of being My cuckold and holding that very special place in My empire.

But, before you email Me, begging to be My cuckold, there is one important thing you must remember….


What does that mean? It means that I do not accept “applications” or “requests” to be My cuck. I choose My cucks from My current stable, no exceptions. Emphasis on “I choose”. In order to be My cuckold, there are other criteria that must be met, such as you’ve proven yourself to be worthy of such a position, not to mention that I have to find you physically attractive (that rules out 99.9% of you).

Being called upon to serve Me in this way is a true honor. It is essentially getting a “golden ticket” to the uppermost echelon that other submissives will never come close to. I am selecting you to serve Me in one of the most intimate ways. So do you really think that I would EVER choose some random fuckwad who sent Me an email? Of course not! If you aren’t currently in My stable, there is no way I would ever consider you for such a special duty.

Cucking boys is a wonderful way for Me to satiate My natural Alpha sexual appetite and display My control in an unorthodox manner. However, only the worthy (and lucky, because face it….luck is also a factor here) will ever get to experience Me in this particular element.

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