Why You Can’t Session With Me

Many of you boys have been reaching out to Me lately, requesting real time sessions. The frequency of these requests indicate a lack of understanding that I do not do real time sessions in a professional domination capacity.

That means I am not a professional Dominant. You cannot email or call Me to request & schedule a session. My answer will always be no, and that’s IF I respond to your email to begin with.

Have I ever been a professional Dominant? Yes, I certainly have. However, that is in the past.

I am a LIFESTYLE Ebony Goddess. What does that mean to you in terms of “sessions”? Let us examine that, as I know there is definite confusion about that.

My Time Cannot Be Requested, It Can Only Be Earned

So, you are in My area, visiting for a day or two. You have the sudden urge (or opportunity) to submit or indulge in your fetish. You find My website online and want to have a session with Me. You send Me an email….and you do not get a reply. Or you do get a response, informing you that I do not do real time sessions.

What went wrong?

As a lifestyle Ebony Goddess, My time cannot be “requested” for your personal pleasure or to “scratch that submissive itch”. Time spent in My presence is a REWARD for those who have proven themselves as being devoted to Me and as being advantageous to My life. This means…those who have maintained a relationship with Me via phone/cam/online, those who have sacrificed for Me, those who have shown their desire to submit is a selfless one. Contacting Me for a session because you’ve got free time, that itch to submit, and a fresh paycheck in your pocket is not a selfless act.

Time spent in My presence is also granted at My leisure, not yours. Meaning I invite My pets to see Me when they have earned such a treat and not a moment sooner. I have no shortage of real time submissives & slaves, so “sessions” with strangers are of ZERO interest to Me. (Besides, I prefer to be served by and play with someone I know and who has taken the time to get to know Me.)

I am only interested in spending time with those in My stable who have demonstrated their value to Me. If you do not meet that criteria, either do the work & sacrificing involved to earn your place OR do not contact Me to request real time spent in My presence. You will be denied.

Lifestyle Ebony Goddess (not Pro Domme) Miss Kayla explaining why She doesn't do sessions.

Do you REALLY want to be denied the opportunity to spend time worshiping at My feet? Do you?


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