Merry Christmas?

After the HELLACIOUS year that all of us sex workers have had, an empty ‘Merry Christmas’ email means nothing.

The massive crackdown on censorship via FOSTA/SESTA, the silencing of sex workers on all social media platforms, and just a few days ago….the brutal murder of one of the BDSM community’s most well known professional BLACK DOMMES (Goddess Sadie Hawkins of Phoenix Arizona). This is NOT the time for empty words and “wishes”. You need to be showing your support in tangible ways.

DO something to show support for Me and My work, or just stay silent/out of My inbox.

Don’t wish Me “Merry Christmas”, play your part in making sure I HAVE a “Merry Christmas”! (And this goes for any Domme/Goddess/SWer that you like….show your support for them in TANGIBLE ways.)


How To Make Sure I Have a Merry Christmas:

Shop My wishlist
-Binge on My clips
-Join one of My paid social media timelines
-Call My phone lines (if you MUST wish Me a Merry Christmas, CALL ME to say it)
-Book cam sessions

Basically do SOMETHING that puts money in My pocket and enhances My life. Otherwise, keep those empty wishes to yourself!

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