Black Calves, Black Stilettos

Miss Kayla shows off her stunningly toned Ebony legs and calves.

Drool over My shapely toned Ebony legs and calves…..

There is something very special about a nice set of calves. Their curves only serve to enhance a shapely set of Ebony legs, like Mine. I’m sure you can appreciate the seductive contour of My calf muscles as you watch this clip. Follow the beautiful lines of My calves as they descend towards My narrow ankle and gorgeous veiny feet, which are tucked into a pair of shiny black stiletto heels….no talking in this clip. Just three unadulterated minutes of My gorgeous gastrocs.


Clip features: legs, calves, calf muscle fetish, high heel fetish, Ebony Goddess, Goddess worship, Miss Kayla



Miss Kayla

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