February: A Month for Reparations

February, as any good white boy surely knows, is Black History Month. While I disagree with Black History Month being relegated to one month out of the year (and the shortest month at that), I do agree with the fact that February is a fantastic time for Me to maximize My benefits off of your white guilt. February is the month when all of you white boys fall to your knees, weeping and begging to have a Black Goddess like Myself strip you of all your ill gotten gains and set you on the path to redemption.

(Its shame that you white boys can’t carry on with that the other 11 months of the year. So disappointing. But I digress..)

I am pleased with you white boys who came forward, offering your “reparations” payments & tributes…but the rest of you, who sat in the shadows….I know that you owe Me and you know that you owe Me. And that thought will eat away at you until you finally grow the courage to come forward and surrender what is rightfully Mine.


Now, let’s be totally clear…..your “reparations” payment absolve you of nothing. They make up for nothing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend the rest of your life working towards that absolution you will never get.

Also for the month of February, I posted daily Black History Month tweets on Twitter…but not the type of Black History Month tweets that make you feel warm & fuzzy about Black people. Oh no. I posted graphic, gruesome Black History Month tweets that focused on shedding light on little known atrocities committed against Blacks by white people. Everything from the bombings of Tulsa to little known info regarding antebellum medical experimentation on Blacks. The things I posted were disturbing, shocking yet informative. I received several DMs from followers of Mine who had never learned about some of things I posted. (I also know that I lost several followers during the course of that month….their loss, as they could’ve learned a thing or two had they stuck around!) If My tweets made you uncomfortable in February, know that I’m not sorry!


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