Ordered to Cum For My Feet

You have been ordered to jerk your cock to Miss Kayla Black's perfect Ebony feet! Feed your foot fetish with this sexy foot worship clip!

You’ll do anything for these perfect Ebony feet.


Imagine that you are My personal foot slave and you have been summoned before Me. I am sitting upon My luxurious purple velvet throne as you approach Me, head bowed on all fours. I want you to entertain Me this evening. I want to see exactly how dedicated of a foot bitch you are. Tonight, I want you to cum on command for My feet.

Right now.

You see, this is the life of a foot bitch. Pampering and caring for My feet because it is your job to do so. Dropping to your knees to provide foot worship any where, at any time, on My command. Stroking and cumming for My feet any time I feel like letting you have the pleasure. Sniffing and kissing My exquisite size 10 feet, licking in between each and every toe, running your tongue along every wrinkle on My soles. This is not the life for just any old foot bitch. No, only the most dedicated and humble slave can be turned into the sort of foot bitch I want, stroking and cumming for My feet and My own personal amusement.

Now, I want to look down and see you on your knees at the foot of My throne, with your face buried in My feet while you furiously pump that cock of yours. Cum to My worn ankle socks, warm and moist from being in My sneakers all day long. Cum to My soft Ebony feet and perfectly pedicured red toes. Cum to My creamy, wrinkled soles and arches that make your cock stand on end at the slightest glimpse of them.

Pull out that cock and start stroking NOW, because I want that cock of yours THROBBING and ready to explode by the time I reach the end of My countdown.


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