Travel: Will I Travel to Meet You?

Miss Kayla, do you travel?

Travel inquiries have been showing up more often in My inbox as of late. It has been awhile since I posted open travel plans where I was available for play time. In fact, it has been so long since I’ve posted an open travel notice, it might appear as though I don’t travel. At all.

This would be incorrect. I do travel. But there are very special circumstances under which I do.

When I travel, it is because I desire the service of a specific supplicant, who has earned the privilege of spending time with Me in person. They have proven that they will bend to My every whim without question, they have learned to anticipate My needs and provide for Me properly. This specific supplicant pays for all of My travel expenses and accommodations, with a deposit up front. I do not travel for 1-2 hour play sessions with someone who has not invested the appropriate amount of time proving their worth to Me and earning My trust. WHY WOULD I? Why would I basically risk life and limb to play with a stranger for an hour or two?

I’m not going to!


I Travel For My Personal Pets

If you’re looking for a quick, one time type play session with Me, that’s what cam/phone/IM sessions are for.

Simply put, I am a dominant polyandrist and the boys I travel for are the ones that are in a long term, female led D/s relationship (FLR) with Me. These are not casual play partners or subs, these are MY pets that belong to ME. And yes, I travel to see My pets but no one else. If you are not one of My boys, I’m more than likely not going to travel to see you.

Not to mention, the play is SO much more fulfilling for ME when I am playing with one of My pets versus a random BDSM session. Over the years, My play style has evolved and I find far more pleasure in allowing My dominance to flow organically, not within the confines of a one or two hour session in a dungeon. This combined with the level of comfort that only time can create, allows My dominance to fully bloom and it extends far beyond the walls of a dungeon or playspace. You may have even realized that I do not embrace the “professional domination” title I once did and this is why. Besides, I would much rather dominate you while we dine out…..My foot, nestled between your legs, smashing your cock and balls under our table while you struggle to place your order. Laughing at you while you break into a panic, wondering if TSA will find the butt plug and cock cage I’ve forced you to wear under your clothes for the flight we are about to take. Randomly calling you during your work day to make you listen to Me while I get fucked by a real man, after I’ve spent all day shopping……with your credit card. That is how I dominate, that is how I play.

To be quite honest….that’s only the tip of the iceberg in regards to how I play….
Miss Kayla Black is available for domestic and international travel to train and play with Her most dedicated servants in person!

My dominance is part of who I am. It is My lifestyle, not My profession. This means I am even more selective, exclusive, and expensive, NOT the other way around.


Become One Of My Boys

Basically, I do travel…..but for the average one of you inquiring about it, the answer is no I will not travel to see you, unless you are one of My personal pets.

Now, how do you become one of My personal pets? A good first step is to call Me and talk to Me. Get it through your head that you will have to pay to talk to Me. This is how you start proving your worth to Me. Show Me that you will not be a drain on Me by trying to steal My time (a very valuable and very finite resource, in case you had forgotten). Go broke for Me and prove that you will benefit My existence through tributes and shopping My wishlist, making sure My wants and needs are always met. Provide and care for Me in a way that transcends your own selfish desires and you may find that a lot of things are within your grasp….such as time with Me in person, in a city of your choosing.








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