Ruined Orgasm Clinic ft Miss Kayla, Sarah Diavola & Lance Hart

Sarah Diavola & I are kinky latex nurses collecting a sperm sample from Lance Hart! He gets a nice handjob ending with a ruined orgasm.

Sarah Diavola and I are latex clad nurses in need of a sperm sample from our lucky patient, Lance Hart.


Ruined Orgasm Clinic

Dressed in our finest rubber nurse uniforms, Nurse Sarah Diavola & I are conducting medical research and Lance Hart is our lucky patient! We need a sperm sample, but it HAS to come from a ruined male orgasm. There is a special chemical that is produced with ruined orgasms, and Sarah Diavola & I are conducting the world’s leading research on it! Mr. Hart has been treated with anesthesia and is enjoying his groggy semi-conscious state while Nurse Diavola and I begin our procedure by massaging lots of lube to Mr Hart’s cock. We slowly stroke his cock with our gloved hands, taking turns….at times even working him over with a special patented four-handed stroke. We discover Mr Hart actually requires external stimuli that is stronger than our four handed cock stroking, so we are forced to use a very powerful vibrator on our patient. All of that stimuli enables our patient to achieve an amazing erection leading to a rather forceful stroke-free orgasm. Nurse Diavola & I are able to catch most of our patient’s ejaculate in our specimen cup. Thanks to Mr Hart, Nurse Sarah Diavola and I are able to continue with our award winning ruined orgasm research.

Clip features: latex, handjobs, ruined orgasm, medical fetish, nurse play, interracial, Sarah Diavola, Lance Hart, Miss Kayla


Miss Kayla

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