Austin Texas: Keeping It Weird & Covertly Kinky

Miss Kayla, a beautiful Ebony Domme in Texas, loves Austin!

Austin is quite possibly My absolute favorite city in Texas, with Houston a close second.

This Black Domme absolutely loves Austin Texas! Furthermore, I love to help keep Austin weird…and kinky.

My love affair with Austin has gone on for close to ten years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. A blue oasis in the middle of a vast red desert, Austin is unlike other cities in Texas and, to be honest, I consider it My second home. Why do I love Bat City so much? Because there is never EVER a shortage of fun and/or unique things to do!

For instance, last week kicked off the tenth year of Fantastic Fest here in Austin. For those not in the know, Fantastic Fest is an 8 day genre film festival that focuses on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, hosted every year in Austin, TX. I LOVE horror movies. Love, love, love them. Of course, I don’t love them all and I have strong preferences (example: give me French horror over Asian horror any day), but very few movie genres will compel Me to spend My your money the way horror does. I would not call Myself a die hard horror fan, but I have an interest in the genre that is probably deeper than most.

One of the highlights of Fantastic Fest was the showing of the ABC’s of Death 2 and seeing contributions from directors from all over the globe. Since My boy Princess knows I enjoy horror movies, he took Me to go see it. Now, this could have been a simple outing to the movies, escorted by one of My boys…but that simply is not enough for Me.

I decided to turn our outing into a covertly kinky one. Princess, despite his experience, has never ever done anything kinky “in public”, and I took this opportunity to slowly introduce him to the world of “public play”.

Common misconception: public play is public, as in…in everybody’s face, “oh my God call the cops”, “won’t someone think of the children” type of public. Not so. Public play can be done discreetly. (I prefer to say covertly).


My sub in his smoky black latex stockings at the movies with Me. (Bonus: My wrinkled sole in the upper left corner)

I personally enjoy the idea of being out in public with one of My submissives, knowing that underneath his clothes, he’s wearing lacy lingerie or has a toy locked into his ass. I take great delight in the beads of sweat that form on a boy’s brow when he thinks everyone in the world can tell he’s got something going on underneath his clothing. Boys typically experience massive amounts of fear….and arousal….at the thought of being exposed as a panty wearing pervert while out in public, and I find it highly amusing. You may think that being in a dark movie theatre would be a safe place to do some covert kink, but when you’re at a movie theatre surrounded by other people and attentive waitstaff who visit your seat every few minutes…covert kink can be a little tricky, although not impossible.

Anyway, Princess was ordered to wear panties, a garter belt, latex stockings, chastity, and a metal butt plug under his clothing while we were out. Of course, he did as he was told, sitting next to Me in the theatre, with his ass being gently stretched out by the metal plug and his cock, dribbling and throbbing away, in its cage for over 2 hours. He did very well with his first “covert kink in public” experience, even lasting through the live Q&A session with the movie directors after the completion of the film itself.

Public play with Miss Kayla. Her sub is in panties, chastity, and wearing a garter belt with rubber stockings.

Panties, garter belt, latex stockings, and chastity…yes, he’s dressed for the movies alright! Hahaha

I already have so many ideas brewing for the next submissive that gets the pleasure of taking Me out somewhere. Who am I kidding..I have TONS of ideas for discreet public play.


Getting quick snapshots of the butt plug while at the movies.

Finally, to top it all off, the movie was excellent! If you have the chance to see the ABCs of Death 2, I highly recommend it. No, not all of it is perfect and a few of the stories were just bad, but overall I enjoyed the film and what it set out to accomplish. I’m not going to give any story spoilers, but I will say that M and Z were My absolute favorites.

(Also, if you’ve ever wanted to see a woman gang rape a bunch of guys with vaginal tentacles, you’re in for a big treat!)


I couldn’t help sticking in this really gorgeous picture of Austin.


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