The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

2018 has been a good year for me. Go broke for me and make My 2019 even better!!

2018 has been a good year for your Goddess. Let’s make 2019 even better!

That’s right…its the time of year where I hop on to update My blog!

2018 has been a profitable and productive year for yours truly, but its also been a year of major upheaval and big changes.

The biggest source of change has been FOSTA/SESTA and how it impacts My presence online. It has placed some serious restrictions on what I can say/show AND where I can say/show it.

Now, this doesn’t mean I am not online, because I most certainly still am. However, I am being silenced/muted on certain social media platforms, such as Twitter. That particular platform has algorithms that keep tweets from sex workers from being seen with the same amount of visibility as other, non sex work related accounts. I know this to be true just from the difficulty I have viewing the sex worker accounts that I follow on Twitter.

Meaning that unless you make it a point to visit My Twitter timeline DIRECTLY (or view it through the widget here on My site), chances are you won’t see My posts anywhere.

All of this has led Me to create two subscription based social media accounts where I can safely share My Goddess Life & work with you.

First is IWantFanClub…I aim to make this a Miss Kayla Black repository, where all things ME can be found. I will be adding old & unreleased images/videos here. Did your favorite clip disappear from My clip store before you had a chance to buy it? Chances are, I’ll be adding it to My IWantFanClub. I will also be adding new & exclusive content here, in addition to old/unreleased. Membership is currently $12.99/month, but don’t expect it to stay that cheap forever.

The other subscription social media account I will be using is ManyVids Crush. I will be posting primarily new content here, but only on average of once per day & I will periodically delete all content from here. What’s found on MV Crush will not remain there, as opposed to IWantFanClub. Current cost is $14.99/mo. May or may not remain at that price. I could see raising OR lowering the rate here. We’ll see…

I still create clips, take calls, do cam sessions, and plunder your wallet with reckless abandon. None of that has changed….


–My preferred method for PHONE contact will always be My direct phone line (1.888.585.5571) with My NITEFLIRT phone lines being second. All of My other phone lines are still available (IWantPhone, VerifiedCall, SextPanther), but they are not My PRIMARY PREFERRED phone lines.

–I also offer TEXTING as an option, through NITEFLIRT and SEXTPANTHER.

–My CLIPS can be found on the following sites: CLIPS4SALE, IWANTCLIPS, MANYVIDS, KINKBOMB, and NITEFLIRT.

–My SKYPE ID for CAM SESSIONS can be purchased through NITEFLIRT or IWANTCLIPS.

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