Your Marriage Is A Lie (Latex Homewrecker)

Your fat cow of a wife could never even dream of being as beautiful as Me!

Being a slave at My feet is where you really belong…..

Let’s get straight to the point…I know you’re not happy in that sham of a marriage you’ve got going on. Your whole marriage is a lie. I’m not even sure why you married her, when you know that deep own inside….you long to be the slave of a gorgeous Ebony Goddess….ME. You know your wife could NEVER make you weak the way that I can in this rubber catsuit. Just imagine…coming home to My beauty and cruelty every night, after spending an entire day slaving away at work for Me. This can be your reality….all you have to do is admit your marriage is a fraud and ditch your fat cow of a wife….


Clip features: latex, femdom POV, homewrecker, Ebony Goddess, Miss Kayla



Miss Kayla

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