My Favorite Types of CBT: A Four Part Series

I have had cock and ball torture/CBT on the brain lately!

That isn’t to say that I don’t have it on My mind at other times, but as of late, I have REALLY been in the mood to hurt cocks and make boys cry.

I firmly believe that all males benefit from having their little peepees tortured regularly. It helps to reiterate your inferior status (especially you white boys suffering from that affliction known as micropenis) and remind you that your cock & balls are no longer a pleasure source for you. When a sub’s cock and balls are not being hurt, they should be locked up securely in a chastity device at all times, with few exceptions granted for release.

And the key to that chastity device should be hanging around My neck!

It is important that male subs endure a strict regimen of cock and ball torture. Pretty much all of you boys have been conditioned with the patriarchal belief that your penis is the center of the universe and all else rotates around it. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

(All the more reason why you boys require a healthy diet of cock carnage and testicular torture in order to thrive as subservient males….to permanently remove that notion from your minds. Plentiful CBT training will also condition you to understand that your penis is no longer a “pleasure source” for you.)

In the meantime…….since My brain has been full of devious dick destroying thoughts, I decided to write this blog post….and make it the first in a four part series where I share a little insight on some of My favorite forms of CBT.

There are so many different ways to torment a dick and a set of balls, and to be honest…I have yet to meet a method I did not care for. Each form of CBT is so unique and each form torments in its own way.

Some of My favorite types of CBT are: nut squeezing/crushing, ballbusting, temporary piercing (aka needle play), and piss hole torture (including urethral sounds and urethral figging).

(Ballbusting, needles, and piss hole torture will be featured in subsequent posts.)

Miss Kayla giving CBT with a ball crushing device.

One of My favorite forms of cock & ball torture: nut crushing! See how much this boy enjoys it?

Nut squeezing/crushing: Few things compare to the power rush elicited by grabbing a sub by his balls, and crushing them in My vice-like grip. My grip is brutal and unmerciful. I do not need to apply much pressure before I can make a boy crumble and fall to the ground, revealing exactly how weak he is because of his sensitive little testes. The site of this always brings a smile to My face and a giggle to My lips. Every now and then, a boy crosses My path who can handle My grip like a champion. This is where the ball crushing device comes in…..

Yes, it is as brutal as it sounds, squashing those two little meatballs of yours down into flat pancakes. Surprisingly enough, as sensitive as those worthless family jewels are, they are quite resilient. One would think crushing a boy’s balls would make those suckers pop, but that’s not the case. They just bounce right back, ready for more…….but I love watching the fear in a boy’s eyes because he may not realize that his balls will spring back from the crushing!

Quite the mindfuck!


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