Adios September……

September was a great month! You boys have shown great improvement in the area of tributing. Looks like My blog post on tributing a few weeks back was a much needed one. More of you approached Me properly, showing that you have read My website and you are doing your homework…and that is exactly the type of first impression you should be striving to make when approaching Me. Always.

Anyway, you boys did well and I am quite pleased with you all this month….now get to work on making October an even BETTER month for Me!

In addition to the tributes I have posted below, I was also gifted this month with a 3 month paid unlimited membership to My favorite local yoga studio by one of My muscle admirers. I LOVE yoga and this particular boy’s gift was a very thoughtful one. Gifts that center around My physical well being are always welcome.

Boys also paid for a brand new computer desk, brand new ergonomic office chair, and a specialty mattress set for My bed. I’ve been working on making My living & working space more ergonomic and less stressful on My body. These new furniture additions are a part of that. I still have some other things I am looking to do to make My surroundings more ergonomically correct…..and I know My boys will be covering that tab also, as that is your duty. A good submissive makes sure that My wants & needs are satisfied, without question. Sacrificing his own wants to make sure that Mine are attended to first.

Good boys always put Me first.


A Niteflirt tribute

For My perfect feet.

Amazon GC tribute

A simple hello..







Amazon GC tribute

An apology..

Amazon GC tribute








GR tribute

Its not My birthday!

Tiny Niteflirt tribute

Tiny, but given selflessly..







My slave's laundry tribute

slave oldnuts’ laundry tribute

Amazon UK GC tribute

A wee tribute..








(Yes, My slave tributes for the opportunity to come and wash My dirty laundry, which typically includes panties & stockings that he washes by hand. Isn’t he lucky to have that privilege? Being able to handle My sacred dirty panties and clean them…I know you little pervs would love to have that job!)

Lastly…the next installment of My CBT series will be coming up next week! Stay tuned…

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